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The Sexy Success of Lingerie – Ignite Your Valentine

Lingerie should be a part of your couples play. With Valentine’s day on the horizon, we look at the many facets of wearing gorgeously alluring lingerie.

A dash of lace and froth of ribbon peeking out of under clothing is a most desirable aspect to being a woman. Show it or not, wearing something sexy gives you a sense of mystery, your secret? Why not.

Slip into something sexy for yourself or your partner. Nothing quite beats the feeling of lace or satin against your skin. It builds your confidence and adds to your personal appeal for the both of you.

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Lose the routine and being complacent with boring undies, or sensible undies. We all have those practical knickers, that sit exactly where and how we want them to. Or that bra that feels so comfortable you feel as though you are going bra-less. But is may look a tad shabby, but even if it fits perfectly. Drop it in the bin now!

Sexy is not only for the bedroom. Gorgeous lingerie gives you an opportunity to indulge in the fantasy aspect of your sexy. If for yourself? Then that is perfectly fine. At least give yourself the opportunity to evoke sensational experiences with your partner.

Slip into something sexy and every now and then. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Sexy is relative and it should be. Let it be wherever you and your partner want to take it. This is your playground.

Different styles evoke different romantic notions. Corsets are very romantic and alluringly sexy; they are visually sensuous arousing foreplay and enhancing a desirable experience. Dress to communicate. Nothing beats the silent language of arousal.

Harnesses have leapt out into the open and are gorgeous worn under your clothing or on top. There is an air of dominance in wearing these hip items. Leather-like straps against your skin, with buckles and clips holing up your stockings. The hardness of the leather is quite arousing – and visually, no man should look away, but feel totally turned on by the dominance it represents.

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Bra and panty set with straps criss crossing over and under the breasts, over the shoulders and throat; and knickers to match, also in a faux leather, with rings and itsy bits of lace covering just where it need to. Oh, what a turn on and so very sexy. Who would not want to bare you naked, if only to witness the gorgeousness that lies beneath your clothing? Bear in mind, these gorgeous items are available in a full range of sizes. Our voluptuous ladies love that we adore their curves.  

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We don’t need to spell this out. Sheer is sheer bliss. Cover yourself, showing everything underneath with a full lace and sheer gossamer fabric that flows as you move. Let him know how lucky he is to have this goddess beneath the layers of lace with matching panties, crotch-less for extra fun. Yes, lingerie has leapt forward and leaves very little to the imagination.

2020 Women Ladies Sexy Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Underwear costumes erotic lingerie clothing set Garter Belt G large

Plus size ladies are indulging in the most gorgeous lingerie. With a range of sizes leaving nothing out. Sexy is for everyone. Lace and satin with plus sized bras and panties to match. Curvy girls no longer need to settle for basics. But indulge in gorgeously sexy lingerie, hip hugging panties, with flowing baby-dolls and corsets.

So be a Valentine or not or pop the question or not. Lingerie should be a part of your daily routine. Slip it on and feel the difference a pair of lacy or crotchless knickers feel against your skin. Slip into that gossamer gown at the end of a long day – and slip under the covers in that gorgeous teddy. For yourself or for your partner. Gorgeous lingerie should be a part of being a woman.

A few facts:

  • Lingerie is empowering
  • New lingerie plays on the mind
  • Lingerie puts you in the mood for adventurous sex
  • Lingerie lets you be who you choose to be when you choose it
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