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The Perfect Date

With Winter creeping in, there are a ton of reasons to linger a little longer in bed over the weekend, or spend evenings at home. Ensuring time alone in your relationship is vital. Boredom eats away at vitality, or that infamous feeling of complacency sets in rock hard – and that is not the rock hard you want. Here are some tips for the perfect date.

There is a plethora of intimate board games or card games to ignite the flames. Something interesting about adult board or card games, is that it opens those forgotten moments. What did you wear on your first date? Or how far did you actually go… on that first date. It also allows you to discover a different level of intimacy. Shut the door or send the kids for a sleep over. Create your space and rediscover your lover.

With so much in massage oils and the latest technology in massage wands, an intimate massage just leapt further. Organic massage oils specifically synergised to suit the moment, delicious oral glides and juicy lubricants heightening the sensations. Become the dessert, be the cherry on the top, lick it off or slip it in.

Are you ready for the back door? Explore a little, take time to discuss and set boundaries. Anal sex no longer has the taboo hanging over it. Rather, it is alive and welcomed in heterosexual relationships. A little something for everyone. Beginners soft and flexible anal beads, to rock hard anal plugs.

Pegging is right up there in anal play, with men loving their partner harnessing up and taking the lead in penetration.

Every lady deserves a premium vibrator, or clitoral stimulator. With the latest in technology, the touchless clitoral vibe sends little shockwaves throughout your entire body.

Practice a little voyeurism – choose the remote controlled vibrating egg. Give him the controls and let him be your auto-pilot. How far can you go, before you spill over the restaurant chair in a mind blowing orgasm?

Naturally, utterly beautiful lingerie is always the perfect switch on. Men and women are loving adorning themselves in beautiful lingerie. Sexy teddies, crotchless panties, breath taking baby dolls and the most elegant floor length lace number.

Nothing is ever set in stone with intimacy – explore as you go along. Set time aside to rekindle flames, or get back in touch with each other. So much is new, sex toys have taken on new lives, so should you.

And, you don’t need a partner to have a perfect date night, or date afternoon. Take yourself out. Wear your sexiest panties, or none at all, insert your butt plug, or put those nipple clamps on while you do our till your herb garden. Everything is at your fingertips, and we do excuse the pun –

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