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Taking the Covers off Masturbation

Have you ever wondered about the absolute benefits of masturbation? Masturbation is such a fabulous means of fun; and the benefits are amazing.

Uncovering the benefits of masturbation, or what happens to our bodies when we have an orgasm, is quite something. We should be doing this every single day – whether we have a partner or not. What happens to your body and brain when you masturbate is quite different than what does when you have sex with a partner. Removing the taboo, we have enough information to paint an interesting picture. From cervical flushing to an over-active prefrontal cortex!

  • Classic signs of arousal are the vagina is lubricating, and the clitoris is getting hard. But in fact, there is a lot more going on. The muscles tension quicker, and the uterus muscles pulse quicker and more intensely bombarding your brain with pleasure messages – positive neurochemicals are swilling around prompting various heights of pleasure or desire.
  • Arousal and orgasm leap forward and intensify in your brain – Sensory cortex fires up, continual stimulation get the hippocampus, the dreamlike part of the brain recalls all the heavenly feeling that lie there. At the start of your orgasm the cerebellum triggers tension in your legs, butt and other regions of your body and KAPOW! Oxytocin in released and you fly higher as your brain receives the pleasure drug, dopamine.
  • Female masturbation benefits the entire pelvic region, during arousal the uterus contacts flushing out the cervix, which incidentally prevents infections.
  • The pelvic floor is tightened with masturbation. The muscles contract and release. Flying solo, lets you feel just how tight you can squeeze those muscles. Not to mention the immune system gets a boost, general feeling of wellbeing is felt and a marvellous way to relax and treat insomnia.

Explore your sexuality, your body and let your mind be in touch with the stimulation. With the morphing of sex toys, there is a plethora of exciting clitoral vibes – touchless, seamless and using the latest air technology – giving mind blowing orgasms.

Vibrators are curved and shaped to reach the illusive g-spot, and “squirting” is not longer a myth. We have everything at our fingertips to explore masturbation.

So, set aside some time, get comfortable and explore your body and discover the difference in masturbation and actual couples’ sex. There is a difference – once you recognise it… take it to whatever level you choose. Pleasuring yourself allows you to discover what you enjoy, lets you get in touch with your body, unlocking hidden pleasures discovered through exploration leading to a health, satisfied and content sexual self.

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