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summer sex tips secret corner

Summer Sex Tips

Sex Tips For Summer

Secret Corner takes you on a stroll through the summer vibes and gives you the gossip on what’s scorching and what’s, not.

summer sex tips - secret corner

Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known holiday or Christmas tradition. This little plant has a history and is symbolic as an herb that in fact dates back thousands of years. Between the Greeks, Romans and Celtic Druids, they all gave us reason to kiss under the mistletoe. Regardless of how you look at it, avoid it at the office party or family shindig, its holiday tradition and mistletoe should be put on every door possible. Quick and stolen kisses are necessary.

Long and scorching summer days that need a bit of cooling off, use some slinky cooling lube – Eva has a luscious water based lube is perfect to add a little bit of a cooling effect during those hot moments. Add to the pleasure some super silky Rocky Ice condom, (because no holiday should be without a selection of condoms)

Pack your picnic basket and head off for a little sex on the beach. It’s not just a sublime and cooling drink; but hot and sexy beach love play. Choose your spot carefully though, sand in those girly folds is just plain wrong and uncomfortable. I suggest find some rocks, rear up and spread for some rock climbing. Face down draped over cooling rocks for some hot sex; is what sex on the beach is all about, without getting sand in your crotch-less knickers! Spice it up with juicy Rocky Fruit Fusion or Super Wet condoms to add to the fun. Wetter is better!

All very fine and well for some outdoor sex play, what about a quickie out in the open? This is easy with the right toys. And believe me, there are toys to suit everyone’s liking. Little bullet vibrators are handy and convenient. Come in style with Screaming O’ Cherry Bomb lip balm mini vibrator it is so kinky for alone rocks off time – while waiting for a parking in the car park.

Who ever thought that Christmas eating was just a little too much? Create your own dessert with some edible undies, that could be rather fun. Panty and bra made from fruity sweets strung together for easy eating. There is also thick and dark chocolate body paint that is an entire dessert. We love the Bijoux Kissable Nip Gloss with a pinch of Caramel or the Doughnut Delight Body Paint, decadently packaged with black feather paint brush. Why stick around for dessert, when you are the dessert?

Summer nights are hot and balmy, and never seem to end. Sleep naked with a fan oscillating (also helps keep the mozzies at bay that seem to be bionic here). Keep some cool fizzy juice at hand and spice jazz it up with a sprig of fresh mint and watermelon slices. That, incidentally is an aphrodisiac. Use JO H2O Watermelon water based lube during your play time, the fruity flavour and scent is enough to cool you off when getting all hot and bothered between the sheets.

Well, all being said, Summer is all about sexy holiday fun and teasing. Take care out there, it’s a jungle and there are consequences to be thought about. Instead of hitting the road in seek of something fun to do, look around you, there is everything you need, right here on your doorstep. If you’re on holiday, you might never want to return home. Secret Corner promises to keep you up to date and busy on what is happening out there. What is hot and what is sizzling. 

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