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Summer Loving – Sex Toys and Travelling

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Summer is here and so is the holiday season!

Travelling with your sex toys is a must. But follow a few simple guidelines to avoid a red face, or possible brush with the law.

Research the Legalities

If you are heading overseas, it is vital to know whether or not sex toys have restrictions. Some countries classify sex toys as pornographic material and are therefore banned, and could lead to a prison term. Sadly, but true.

Check It Out 

For instance – Did you know that travelling with  dildo longer then 7 inches is regarded as a “BATON” or “baton like” or “club like”, thus making it a weapon!

In this case, size does matter. It’s also worth knowing that Airlines are at liberty to confiscate your items.

Another thing, if you pack your toys in an ambiguous manner, consider attaching a “nice note”, like ‘SEX TOYS INSIDE” ; and watch how that unfolds.

Sex Toys are amongst the most common items to get flagged.  Not only because of the shapes, but the electric mechanisms inside the toys trigger searches.

If You Are Searched?

You’ve done nothing wrong. Vibrators are perfectly legal. Although check, in certain countries they are indeed illegal!

Customs or Airport officials have seen everything! Your vibrator will not phase them, nor will your dildo or  harness.

Vibrators are just another electronic device. Easy to answer that question. And with the latest technology in most sex toys,  offer a straight forward answer to their embarrassing question.

Avoid stainless steel and glass dildos. 

Glass and steel, along with your 7 inch dong are seen as weapons. 

Do remove batteries from your vibrator before packing it. Naturally, if you have a rechargeable sex toy, this wont be an issue. Ensure the travel lock has been activated.

Although Airport security wear gloves, put your toys in a clear plastic bag. You never know if security will want to “inspect” your toys.

Cleaners and Lubes

Opt for anything smaller than 5ml. Ideally sachets of your favourite lubricant, and sanitary wipes to clean. You are only allowed 100 millilitres in you toiletry bag, anything over that, you will hand it over to security for disposable. And that means those half full bottles too.

Bondage Gear

Bondage items can be a bit trickier to take on holiday. Whips and floggers and paddles can be classed as, “self defence” items, so leave those at home.

Mind you, handcuffs, rope, nipple clamps and paddles are ok, and non-threatening. That makes my mind boggle! Keep them together to avoid confusion. Most usually come in branded bags, anyway. But at the discretion of the airline, this could get officials in to “check”

Anything bigger… needs to get checked in! Spreader Bars on holiday? I dont think so. Under the Bed ties? Yes. Why not. They are all travel friendly and will fold in with your clothes. And, they break down to ankle and wrist cuffs too.

opt For Discreet Looking Toys

Where to start? There are so many that even the most “worldly” would not fathom some of them out. 

A body massager is always a good idea. The shape is undaunting, most are shapely and small enough to be a part of your luggage. Obviously, you are not going to take someting with a 6m plug in cord. That will see itself being confiscated.

Cock Rings are also relatively easy to pack away, remember those vibrating ones rechargeable or not will draw attention, so remove batteries and ensure that travel lock is on. 

Fleshlight; take along your Aviator or Flight Pilot. Both are compact and transparent, looking more like a torch. Not to mention the divine sensations they both give.

Vibrators? They are a plenty to choose from, and dont have that familiar “rabbit” perched on the front. You could even opt for something you wear around your neck. 

But. If you are insistent in packing your weapon-like, looking vibrator. Have it in the original packaging and label it. This will detour security from freaking out and throwing it in the trash!

Other than that, the more you focus on trying to speak yourself out of what that interesting item may be in your luggage, the more you are anticipating a full search.

Just look up and know. Your pleasure matters. And, they are more interested or even embarrassed than you are. 


Pleasure Air Technology

The kiss of the rose. Is a definite must  Smart and compact. The Satisfyer that packs into a cosmetic looking mirror and  Liberty is the ultimate in travel size touchless stimulation. 

If all else fails, grab A One Night Stand by Satisfyer. Lasts up to 9 hours. 

Iroha Lipstick Vibrator

Tenga, known for precision and convenience. This lipstick vibrator is a pleasure on the go go! The multi-speed soft silicone tip is curved to hug the clit. 

Slip it in your make-up bag. It’s your best kept secret.

Bullet Vibrators

These have to be the greatest invention. Rocks Off Sugar Boo Berri Licious is ideal to tuck into your knicker bag, small enough to slip into your purse. This new range screams PLEASURE – with a jazzy twist. Rocks Off Bullets are stylish and one of the best bullet vibrators to have.

Gents Masturbators

Never to be underestimated, gents. A tug on holiday relieves all that stress and the hype of getting laid.

Pack a few easy to pack Tenga Eggs into your luggage. Easy and discreet and quite the sensation.  They may think you got Easter confused with Christmas!

These masturbators are highly portable, as are many other sleeves. Neatly packaged in a casing, easy to use and easy to dispose of . Tenga are well known for their engineering, so you cannot go wrong with the sexy little egg or the Tenga Spinners. Besides, they are completely discreet.


Yes, there is a risk of embarrassment. Seriously, think about it. At least half of the population are using sex toys. So If you are approached – take a deep breath and say, “That’s my sex toy!” and enjoy on your holiday. 


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