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Sexual Wellness Trends for 2024

sex trends

Sexual wellness refers to the overall state of physical, mental and social well being, culminating to individual sexual health.

From pleasure tech to period education, we share the top trends for 2024.

Sexual wellness encompasses areas such as sexual knowledge, talking about consent, satisfaction and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections; to discuss contraception and reproductive health openly.

There is an increased awareness in sexual wellness and sexual health and the mindset of education in a sexual diverse society,  A rise in sexual in sexual disorders and diseases are discussed openly and the changes in sexual health products have been made more accessible and easier to discuss.

The availability of of advanced sexual awareness, products and increased on-line accessibility and growing research that contribute to the growth in Sexual Wellness.

Society and attitudes toward sexuality and acceptance and openness at discussing sexual wellness topics. This has lead to a wider range of sexual wellness products on the market.

Since the  Covid 19 pandemic, people have been staying home more, this has influenced the  sexual wellness market. With this has come a surge of online sales, people are paying more attention to sexual health and investing in understanding sexuality and sexual health as an entire entity.

Let’s Talk About Pleasure


Shallowing is the tantalising sex act to dive into 2024.

Move over intercourse, we are delving into waters less travelled and diving into the sex act of shallowing.

Shallowing is a form of sexual play that involves lightly stimulating  the entrance of the vagina. Outercourse, if you will…

Shallowing is done during a hot session of steamy foreplay or a solo session. Just lightly enter the vagina with the tip of the penis or finger or using  Ambi by Lovense. Not quite your clitoral vibrator. Hovering just over the entrance of the vagina, which is packed with specific nerve endings that intensify women’s pleasure. These nerve ends also stimulate lubrication in the vagina, certainly pushing women over the edge of the waterfall (pun intended).

Sticking to the theme of focusing on external stimuli to intensify our sexual pleasure in 2024, erotic playlists are going to be all the rage.

Flirt More

Never stop flirting with your partner, regardless of the length of time you have been together. Flirting is beneficial for your sex life, in essence it helps partners feel more desirable.

Pay compliments, while you’re busy on the job. boost their self esteem and it can be a bit of a turn on for you too.  

Remember, stunning and sexy lingerie goes a long way too. 

Did you ever stop at the traffic light and glance at the car next to you? Pull back your shoulders and lower your eyes, and look at them long and hard. You are never going to see that person again, or the chances are slim. But you will drive away with a smirk on your lips. 

To be honest, flirting is the most essential aspect of self we must never lose. 

Empower yourself with some lingerie, your personal secret, it boosts your ego. And YES! we must have some sense of ego, for oneself. 

Dirty Talk

Talking dirty to your partner is an age old trick and gets loads of people turned on. You can build it up as you go along …”hmmm I love it when you etc… embellish it with pride and wisely chosen words you never thought would fall off your tongue, but will certainly be a pleaser.

Practice Edging 

Edging has been around for quite some time – I think more people practice when flying solo. You can take stretch your orgasm out for as long as you want to.

It takes practice and involves hi levels of sexual arousal for an extended period of time without reaching a climax.

Stop stimulation before you reach that level of climax. Stop and feel how everything pulses. Keep going. Stop and start, a little further or deeper. 

Using a clit pump or full vagina pump is a sexy addition to the experience – your pumped clit will be engorged with fresh blood and sensitive – Pump, engage, pump and stop. You can engage the pelvic muscles, pulse them; not moving your body. Hmm – yes this is as delightful as it is beneficial.

Engage. Lock. Relax

In other words, engage those Kegles. Make it a part of your daily practice. Besides lifting and tightening the pelvic muscles, it is very pleasurable too. Edging toward Tantic – where you do not touch, but use the breath. 

Normalise Sex Toys

Sex toys are so out there and not taboo, but rather an essential element of sexual wellness.

Weather you are single or not. This is the time to sort out your toy box and either throw away what has not been touched, look online for someting new and check out the latest in adult pleasure. 

Explore different horizons. Try anal play, switch roles with your partner. Add some food. Gee, there is a plethora of excitement out there to create your zone of pleasure. 

Shopping online together is also an exciting venture. Discovering and discussing the latest. What to try and with interests you . Order it and count down the days until your gorgeously wrapped package of pleasure arrives. 

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Add Lubes

When it comes to sex, no matter what you enjoy, you can usually play by the rule: the wetter, the better. This logic works, well, fluidly when it comes to lube, because wetter is exactly what you’re getting.

Using a lube has nothing to do with gender or age or with vaginal dryness. Wetter is better, regardless what you enjoy. Logic works well, so when it comes to lubes wetter is better. Fluidity as well.

At least 7% of  women reported that using a lube  made sex more pleasurable. 

Think of lube as encouragement to your bits — or a way to save time, because you were supposed to be out the door 5 minutes ago. Here’s the before-play to foreplay with lube.

Not sure where to start. Here are a few apps you can try out.

  1. Ferly
  2. Rosy
  3. Lover
  4. The Sex Ed

All of these are sexual wellness platforms that are informative and educational. Download the apps and get yourselves into the groove of embracing your personal wellness for 2024.

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