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sexual myth busters is there an age limit to

Sexual Myth Busters – Is there an Age Limit to Sexuality?

Sexual Myth Busters

There is a mass influx of men who seem to have reached a plateau in their libido. We ask the relative questions, first and foremost – seemingly most are well under the age of 50, “are you working out and are you taking steroids?” – some answer with honesty while the rest seem to skirt around the edges of, life is stressful, high blood pressure.

Is our society so fractured that everyone needs a helping hand? Even for the most stress busting activity? Sex?

On the other hand, there are a fair amount of gorgeously hunky men over the age of 50 who frequent the shop, some with their partners, and others on their own. Now let me tell you this – most of the “more mature” gents, just want to spice things up a bit. Who wouldn’t. A very small number refer to erectile dysfunction. Or penis size or sexual performance. Any sexual dysfunctions are generally as a result to heart disease – or blood pressure or our National condition – Prostate Cancer. Again, this is relative.

A massive percentage of men up to and under the age of 40 are being treated for stress related blood pressure issues or diabetes; which incidentally is the number one in dread disease in men in South Africa. Again, those gorgeously hunky over 50’s are generally in excellent health, and, have discovered and enjoy prostate pleasure, just for good measure.

This got me thinking about our lifestyles and how far we are willing to go for perfection. Are the lives of the younger generation jaded by life or expectation? Has communication fled along with their libido, or are we living in such a genetically generated era, that couples are not able to “perform” at what is ideally optimal level? While the older generation of men are enjoying their sexuality without the help of herbal blends to give stronger and longer lasting erections? They simply enjoy it and feel more liberated than ever.

By observation, the questions asked, or advice sought out, is similar – women want more fun, and men want to last longer.

sexual myth busters- is there an age limit to sexuality

Myth Busters

There is no age limit on sexuality, but for those over 50, sexuality and satisfaction depend on the overall quality of life and relationship than that of younger couples. At least 74% of women find their sex lives more satisfying than their forties.

Ageing does not cause erectile dysfunction, but a diminishing hormone level do add to some changes. Men do require a bit more stimulation; but it is no less stimulating or satisfying. This leans into a refreshing phase in sexuality. Discovering different aspects of sex play.

Women who have passed through the menopausal phase – find their sexual desires increase. The hormones shift into place and there is no need for contraception, no knocking of children at the door and the total acceptance of their bodies. Orgasms are more frequent and more intense after menopause.

A Sex Life After 50?

Yes! You have reached a stage in life when you know your own body and that of your partner more intimately and understand each other well enough to know the pleasurable zones and frankly, sexual inhibitions have been shed and sexual confidence is at its optimum.

It has been said, that after the age of 65 although sex may not take place that often anymore – but many say that sex is more gratifying than ever!

Everything is on hand. There are lubricants and gels, penis rings that vibrate and couples’ toys that are remote controlled from kitchen to bedroom. Regardless of age, enjoying sex is relative to the lifestyle we live and what our perception of entering Pandora’s Box of sexual pleasure, is.

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