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restraints 101 introduction to bondage secret corner

Bondage Restraints 101

Bondage Restraints for Beginners

Bondage, or the sexual practise of restraining a partner or being restrainted, is an exciting and kinky way to take or give control the bedroom. Discover the B in BDSM with this means of delivering punishment and keeping the submissive in control and depriving the sub from being able to move – ideally, to deprive the sub is to enhance the dominants pleasure. It works both ways. Restraining the submissive initially starts with using both hands to hold them down – progressing to different means of restraining.

The first and most important thing around bondage is that you and your partner are on teh same page and that you clearly know what the other person is ready for.

restraints 101 - bondage introduction secret corner

Types of Restraints

There are a number of popular bondage restraints – each with their own pro’s and cons. We will chat about a few here. Leather and rope are right up there amongst the top used restraints. Tape is also great. Metal is very unforgiving; and can or will leave bruising, however, the standard metal handcuffs are a common choice.

Leather is more comfortable as it moves. Leather restraints often come with a lining of padding on the inside making it softer for the wearer; with buckles, hoops and clasps for grappling. Rope comes in many forms, from silken to hemp, some prefer to use something with a bit more of an edge, different textures from scratchy to silken. Using rope is an art that is acquired with patience, time and care.

Some restraints have evolved to be more decorative and brands like Bijoux have created an entire range of vegan gear, that is adaptable to be a part of your play or worn over clothing or as a sexy item under clothing, these are subtler forms of restraining, and most certainly not looked at with torture in mind.

To Restrain

Restraining is typically used for two reasons. To restrict movement or create a challenge. Restraints can be used to secure limbs to force no movement. Hog Tying is used specifically in humiliation. This is wrist to ankle and ankle to wrist, making it almost impossible for the sub to move around. There are other means of restraining – used specifically for humiliation. But we are focusing on what bondage can do for pleasure and this is for beginners, so humiliation will be discussed at another time.


Safety First

Ties too tight are dangerous, so ensure that your sub has at leas two fingers space between restraint and flesh. Where there is a joint; elbow, wrist ankle or knees, there is a main artery. The moment there is numbness, loosen the ties, or remove them altogether. When you are restraining your sub, think about what you are tying them to, should they roll and are tied face down to the bedposts? Accidents do happen and me aware that falling off a surface can do damage, ties tied too tight can cause damage. The idea is to play safe – however, when the rigger no longer feels the challenge, then there is no more fun? Or is there? Regardless, never leave your sub tied up and left alone.

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