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Personalised Pleasure

Personalised Pleasure

Personalised pleasure has taken a quantum leap forward. We have become spoiled by the choices available.

Stepping into an adult shop has become more of an adventure than something hidden and secretly talked about. On-line shopping is also something that is gladly used. But this is across the board and not just for enhancing your personalised pleasure.

Strolling into an adult shop has become an experience. Tasteful and aesthetically pleasing. Shoppers are now at ease to linger looking at the items on display. Losing that sense of inhibition that tends to be carried into an adult shop.

Brand names have become blue chip, and choices that every lady, or couple want to have in the bedside drawer are available and openly on view with knowledgeable staff offering guidance.

A vibrator is no longer just a vibrator and a dildo has jumped out of the closed and draped itself in glass and interlayers of pleasurable features adding to the sensations and adaptations you want to achieve.

Initially, it was hard to separate or differentiate between the two. But with the onslaught of technology and interactive media available, your partner can please you via your mobile app wherever and whenever. For peaked personal pleasure, we can now insert vibrating eggs, to not only strengthen your Kegel muscles, but enjoy heightened pleasure as well.

With the release of the Shades of Grey series, bondage and “punishment” has also soared out into the open. What was kept in the dungeons and hidden from those who knew little, but wanted to discover, but there was little information and certainly not much to openly choose from. All of this is not out in the open and discussed openly.

These secret pleasures are now openly available and understanding the ideals of bondage and BDSM have been revealed. Pain and pleasure have joined, openly giving couples a myriad of choices to choose from with an acceptable understanding of this hidden secret.

Secret Corner offers you a personal touch in intimate shopping. With a large variety in personalised pleasure, comprehensive information and informed staff making the visit an entire experience.

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