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Love Your Butt – Love Anal Play

Love Your Butt – Love Anal Play

Taking the myth out of anal sex – unravelling the benefits of this taboo subject. It’s important to talk about all kinds of sex.

Voted the number 1 taboo in sexual behaviour that most heterosexual couples want to try. But the natural curiosity about our bodies makes us want to discover the holy grail of anal sex.

Yes, it’s going to hurt initially, but that’s why we keep a range of luxury lubricants handy to ease you gently into the experience. We suggest Pjur Back Door Lube or H2O Anal Warming Lube to intensify the experience and get all round pleasure. So yes, lube is a must.

love your butt and anal play

Take it slow and talk about it with your partner, rear entry should be graduated. Either using a finger or you could choose from the range of Butt Plugs or Anal Beads that graduate in size. This will alleviate the tension of “will it hurt”. Relax and take your time. Don’t focus on the looming pain but focus on pleasure. Get comfortable, relax and try using the Inflatable Sex Wedge. Play around. This should be about fun and exploration!

Anal foreplay is a good start, analinguis, also known as “rimming”, when experienced, there will be no turning back. It’s all about pleasure. The idea is to be comfortable both physically and emotionally. Once this has been established you can explore. Remember, as we have established, condoms are a must.

Never, I repeat never skip from orifice to orifice. This is TABOO and is not recommended. Infections are rife down there and can cause havoc on your genital and general health. Use a vibrator if you want to alternate between the two. I suggest Ashley Rabbit Silicone Vibrator, or the Amy G-Spot vibrator. 

Anal sex is not something that you just do. It requires planning. Sorry, there are a few ground rules that will need to be set. Condoms. Use a condom. STDS are spread via the anus easily as the skin is so thin and is torn easily. There are a variety of condoms to make it interesting. So besides lube, condoms are a priority too. Prolong/Romantic Condoms are designed to prolong ejaculation, so that would be a good choice.

The anus, like the vagina will shrink back to size, so lose that idea or the vision in your mind’s eye that the anus will be a gaping hole after anal sex.  It won’t. Regular sex is healthy so anal sex should be looked upon as healthy too.

Anal sex doesn’t have to be some gift women give their partner so he can tick it off his to do list. Contrary to popular belief, women enjoy it too. The G-spot is why some women like anal sex, A penis might hit your G-spot from an entirely new angle, providing an entirely new orgasm.

The conclusion? Anal sex should not be kept as a little dark secret nobody wants to talk about or listen to. So, put it out in the open and revel in the discovery and bliss of anal sex.

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