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Le Cul-de Sac to U-Topia


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Well. If you ever wondered how many super “Spots” ladies have – hold on tight! We have found another little pleasure spot for you to discover. The U Spot. A hidden treasure trove of orgasmic fun.

The U Spot is found in the erectile tissue around the urethra. Above and to either side of the urethra. Just above the vaginal opening, above the lips. 

Wonderfully named Skene’s Glands, two small ducts on either side of the urethra. Stroke gently and notice how wet you get. 

The tissues surrounding the Skene’s glands swell during stimulation, secreting fluid during arousal. Skene’s glands also known to function similar to ejaculation and produce mucus like substance during orgasm. Could be misinterpreted as squirting. 

Lovense Ambi Mini Vibe

Lovense Ambi

The Abi snugly sits between the labia, gently buzzing and awakening those tender nerve ending that surround the Skeins gland; taking you to another level of pleasure. You’re going to wonder what took you so long to discover it?

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Pleasure Gels and Serums 

There are plenty to choose from. We love Intimate Earth Tickle Her Pink, or Pleasure Peak  both stimulate the vagina, however, not to forget about the clitoris, but remember below her, lie the two orgasmic glands that will take you to an orgasmic treat you never realised was there.

Here are a few tips to reach U -Topia


Slip the fingers in gently above the clitoris, at the opening of the vagina. Not too much pressure as this is a very sensitive area of the vagina so should be touched gently. Massage the U Spot gently and carefully in a horizontal and vertical motion. Keep it wet so you can glide the fingers deeper into and around the vagina as arousal piques.


Oh! The wonders of the tongue!  Really let your partner get down now. Let their tongue explore. With the tongue tango with the inner lips and entrance to the vagina. Right above the clitoris. Circulate around the U Spot. The whole clit in their mouth so you miss nothing. Lots of saliva or add some decadent edible oral lube for added fun.

Penis Pleasure:

The penis can be erect or not. The idea here is to explore.  Use the penis to play around the vagina, the U Spot will find it. With a bit of wiggling around and genitals touching the U Spot, add a bit of stimulation to the clitoris and if you are dexterous enough, a bit of penetration at the entrance to the vagina will have her rolling in orgasmic pleasure.

Because the U Spot tends to be a very sensitive area, gentle stimulation is by far more pleasurable – so gentle stimulation – we do recommend trying one of the latest in clitoral stimulators – that hum and suck gently, encompassing the entire clit, ensuring that your entire clit, labia and not forgetting the Skeins glands.

A quick word d of caution. Besides being a very sensitive spot, the U Spot is also very prone to attracting bacteria. UTI (Unary Tract Infections) are so easy to get.

Ensure hands are clean, and if you are using a toy, always ensure that your toys are kept in pique condition, remember, never compromise on intimate health and wellbeing. 

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