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I’m A Pleasure Specialist!

I’m a “pleasure specialist” it’s more than you think. Or not as bad as you assume. I sell sex toys. I am equal parts salesperson and therapist. Penis puns notwithstanding, how hard can it be?

I love the look on the faces of people who ask what I do for a living. I am a Pleasure Specialist! It’s a good ice breaker, most are interested and some impressed.

Do you have to be a sexpert? Is it awkward discussing anal beads to strangers? Is there such a thing as too many anal toys or dildos? Yes, I am a Sexpert and will tell you all you need to know about the most detailed idea of sexuality and sex positivity. I love what I do.

With a lot of misconception around adult stores, there is more information available than you realise.

I believe that what we do is provide a service and items, it just happens to be sex, intimacy and self love.  

I meet women who have never had an orgasm, or gents who cannot get an erection. It is my job to make them feel comfortable and offer solutions or products that will benefit them. 

There is an emotional resonance for customers looking to indulge their sensuality. Society’s penchant for repression and sex shaming makes my job more than selling a dildo or anal beads, but enables me to express empathy, and understanding. To empower someone in a simplistic way is part of my job, to enable people to reclaim their bodies and take control of their sexuality.

A plethora of sex toys, lingerie and adult pleasure paraphernalia awaits you, this has become the embodiment of the sex positive revolution. Sex Shops have become spaces where anyone is free to embrace and explore their sexuality in a way that makes them comfortable, no pressure, stigma or derision.

Secret Corner is an adult shop and a haven where you are free to embrace and explore your sexuality and feel comfortable without stigma.

Tucked away, amid cosmopolitan coffee and music shops, the best situated adult shops are discreetly and ideally placed in areas that command traffic, yet you do not expect an adult shop to be in an upmarket suburban area.

All kinds of people step over the threshold and forget that they are in fact in an adult shop.

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Fashionable, and elegant. Flowers flank the windows and music floats through the open door. “I did not know you existed, and I live just up the road” – is often said, as a customer slips in discreetly. Yet, in awe at the sheer elegance and lightness they find themselves in. Relief is palpable.

The general idea of going into an adult shop and talking one on one about your sex life is a daunting affair. I use this time to discover and learn about yet another dynamic of adult behaviour and sexuality, how it is compiled into my day usually opens another door; to yet another dimension of self pleasure, sexuality and adult behaviour. Invariably giving excellent content and the capacity to do what I do well.

My job is about human sexuality just as much as it’s about customer service, so there’s always room to learn and in many ways shatter your preconception about sex. I transform relationships and enhance passion and intimacy that has always been there.

What About Online Shopping?

Online shopping is sometimes preferred, the anonymity and ambiguity is appealing. Delivery is discreet, and items are wrapped with love. Your privacy is our concern and always respected.

You’d be surprised at the times some online orders are made. No, we don’t look you up on social media.

Being anonymous is transient, invariably, a client relationship is struck up and we will be on a first name basis in no time. We make it our business to make your shopping experience, a memorable experience. Online or in-store.

There are advantages of going into a store as opposed to shopping online. You get to feel, touch and see the products. You will receive informed opinions and expert advice. We are professional, knowledgeable and informed on every level of sexuality.

Taking the myth out of trends is vital. Misinformation is dangerous, our finger is on the pulse at all times. We are healers and we are dealers. 

I handle dildos, discuss orgasms and nipple clamps regularly. I chat about the latest in the Fleshlight masturbators and the different suction levels that are achieved by twisting the cap.  I know each porn star’s vital statistics, her activity on Porn Hub and how hard she will blow you. I do so with candid abandon. This is my job and what I love to do.

Working in this environment requires passion. Sex toys have an actual science and complicated technology behind them. Materials, power, the history, brand names and functionality as well as popularity. All this plays a vital part in your personal pleasure. I make it my business to keep my finger on the pulse of what is hot and not so hot.

I listen to my clients, hear their doctor’s requests, and educate myself daily

Not all sex toys are made equally, there are no stupid questions. Trust me, I have heard it all. There is one commonality though. Sex toys are used for pleasure. How or when is up to you.

A good adult shop will be able to give you informed ideas, feedback from satisfied clients and will have done the review homework which is readily passed on.

Adult Shops are locally owned, and yes, are aware that prices vary, and some items are cheaper online, and others not. 

Is More Expensive Better?

I like to compare sex toys like food. Higher quality always tastes better and lasts longer. So, go for quality, you’ll be happier in the long term. There are some excellent toys that won’t break the bank, seek professional advice. Touch. Feel and listen – your consultant will know it all.

If you don’t ask a lot of questions, you’re not serious about your sex toy adventure. No question is stupid. Trust me, I’ve heard it all. Be appropriate and respectful, and that will be reciprocated tenfold. We are trained to answer questions as appropriately as the question is asked. Make sense?

Sex culture is changing rapidly. Women are becoming more empowered and discussing their pleasure openly. Live chats and feeds are done and quick and frank conversations sparked, new relationships forged. The adult pleasure department is out there and happening.

We make it our business to ensure everyone that sex toys are not primarily a “chick-thing” .There are a lot of interesting sex toys with men in mind; and why not? Men’s pleasure is as important as woman’s pleasure.

Sexual Freedom is advocated, and everyone has a right to pleasure, regardless of orientation.

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Couples are exploring together, (that makes my heart beat a little faster) and technology is so evolved that couples are intimate together; on different continents; no less.

Remote controls are no longer just for TV’s and a dinner date is not complete without your partner having one on hand. Obviously, public orgasms are no longer for movie sets alone.

Sex is fun. Don’t let social norms prevent you from enjoying and exploring new things.

Another thing. There is no such thing that sex toys are for those who are not having sex. Utter nonsense. There are more couples popping it together to enhance their relationship or seeking sexy gifts for their spouses.  We create sexy adventures, box them carefully and pass them on.

Sex toys enhance and help to liberate passion and intimacy. Sex toys create an awareness of the importance of self pleasure, body positivity and a healthy approach to embracing you own sexuality. 

Sex Toys are an Investment.

I change people’s lives. With years of misinformation out there about adult shops, I make it my business to remove the stigma surrounding sexual pleasure. It is vital to embrace a healthy sexual disposition and being in a relationship in not a prerequisite.

So, before you slip off this mortal coil, and when next you choose to visit an adult shop, look out for light and spacey open places, listen for the music and expect to be offered a glass of wine or two. It’s all about the experience. Are you ready to join the fun?

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