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Be Your Own Valentine

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, emphasis is placed on the one we love. What to get them and how to set the perfect moment.

We invest time and energy scrolling through pages, websites and endless shops. Should it be sexy? Should it be romantic. What should I wear? And so, the list goes on. Are we too fat, have we thought about everything and above all, have we saved enough money to get that special someone the perfect gift?

Valentine gifts are shared from as young as grade school – teddies, chocolates and precious cards are shared. Kids dress in red and parents spend hard earned funds to ensure that their special little someone is a Valentine or has a perfect gift to give.

We spend so much love on other, we unknowingly forget to love ourselves. To love ourselves, is to know ourselves. Educate yourself. Give yourself time to explore the different levels of self-love.

Take yourself out on a date – drink your favourite drink, eat your favourite food, take yourself home and make love to your perfect self. How you choose to. Open yourself up to exploration. There are so many wonderful little gems to be discovered; and we are all different.

Our bodies are all beautiful, regardless of how they look. Scars and stretch marks are marks of a warrior, traits of a survivor. Adore them. Massage them with love, choose oils that incite warmth and arousal. Invest in something that you want to please yourself. Couples have ventured beyond the norm and are welcoming self-pleasure openly.

Men are purchasing masturbators, women are purchasing masturbators for their men. Men are purchasing vibrators and stimulators for their women. Couples are popping in and looking for something for themselves – together. That is interesting. That is a touch of self-love.

The idea of beautiful lingerie against your skin is quite something. Be it crotchless panties, or a leatherette corset. Slid into something satin and feel the smoothness across your skin. Feel confident in lacy panties and garter – holding up your stocking. Choose lingerie with a gorgeous fit, let drape and reveal your best curves. For you.

It’s far easier to discern love for someone else and takes some doing to honestly love yourself. Self-acceptance is a vital part of developing a healthy relationship with someone else. Nothing is perfect in our imperfect world. Self-love is our fuel, our foundation to creating healthy and loving relationships. Once you experience true self love – the effects are quite magical. Be your own Valentine.

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