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Be Naked – Be Yourself – You are Woman


An Equal World Is an Enabled World. Being an empowered woman and working in an environment where I sexually empower women every single day. And love every moment of what I do.

I read a few blogs, and press releases on Women’s Day – Yes! An Equal World is an enabled world – that should apply every day.  Don’t just celebrate women on Women’s day… celebrate us every day.

The year 2020 is a pivotal year for advancing gender equality across the globe, it is a fundamental human right.  It has been an interesting year for gender equality by all accounts. Then again, an orgasm is a fundamental right!

We, at Secret Corner promote this 100%. We give our customers a safe environment to not only shop, but to express and explore the various dimensions of their sexuality and choice of their sexual orientation. We hold them in high esteem. For now, we are celebrating women!

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We pay homage to the women who have inspired us, we pay homage to the woman we have become. We celebrate our sexuality, being a feminine being and honouring the women in our lives. Take time out and feel gracious about being a sexually empowered woman. 

Have an orgasm! Do it alone, take it to the beach, sit in your car at the traffic light, and get yourself off! Everything is at your fingertips. We assure you of that.

Take time for a sensual massage. If you have a partner, set it up. If not, there are gorgeous places out there who offer the best in sensual massages, let it be an entire experience. Choose a massage candle, the heady scent mixed with the warm wax is very pleasing and totally erotic. And why not celebrate your erotic self?

Read an erotic book. Choose something off the rails. Anais Nin, Henry Miller, or if need be, return to Mr Christian Grey, he certainly got it right. You will be inspired to purchase yourself that slinky black lace item, or those quivering Kegel balls.

Own your sexuality! Wear that leather harness under your sensible shirt. Put on those leather suspenders and black thigh high stockings, pencil your pencil skirt, that sits just above the knees. Wear barley – there knickers, or no knickers at all. Cross and uncross your legs deliberately. Do it for yourself.

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Smother yourself in something gorgeously lacy, shroud yourself in colours that resonate POWER. Choose red lingerie – be brutally honest about your wants and desires. Own them. Self-Love. Adoration. Appreciation. Self-Worth.

Embrace personal pleasure, your erotic energy. Choose your own language to describe your sexual anatomy. There is nothing quite as satisfying as feeling truly confident about who you are.

Celebrating being a woman is not a task we need think about. Being an empowered woman is your personal choice of liberation. Your true sexual liberation comes from within you. So, own it.

We, at Secret Corner, will reveal all the secrets to reaching that level of sexual empowerment. For yourself, or to empower yourself as a woman in your relationship. We have all the gizmos, and all the gadgets. The juicy lubes and lingerie to die for… for yourself, of course.

Sleeping naked is by far the sexiest feeling. Alone or with your special significant other. Feel free about being naked. Be Naked

Celebrate the women that you are – Secret Corner Celebrates Your Fabulous Women who let us love what we do!

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