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Are You Getting Enough Sex?

Sex is so underrated! Did you know that sex boosts your immune system by sending all those feel good chemicals and hormones through your body? Not to mention, a mental and emotional boost?

Here are six reasons you should be having sex every day.

  • It Lowers the Risk of Prostate Cancer

It has been recorded that prostate cancer risk is lowered by 22% for men who ejaculate more often! Gents if you are not having sex daily ensure that you invest in a masturbator – there are so many to choose from. A daily orgasm is vital to your health.

  • Sex is Excellent for Mental Stability

Regular sex boosts and restores positive thoughts and feelings of wellbeing. Kissing, cuddling and intimacy releases Oxytocin, that fabulous “feel good” hormone, as well as dopamine, so diminish your stress with a whopping orgasm!

  • Regular Sex fights off Flu

Researchers have found that people who have sex at least twice a week release more antigens like immunoglobulin A, which helps keep flu at bay. Loose the vaccines and hit the sack.

  • Keeps You Young and Confident

According to a recent study by a clinical neuropsychologist, people having regular sex were said to look at least 12 years younger than the guessed age; in comparison to the control group which was having sex twice a week. It was also reported that the younger looking folk were said to be comfortable about their sexual identity. A pretty good reason to get laid on a regular basis.

  • Emotional Boosting and Vitality

Sex is one of the best ways to surrender both physically and emotionally to your partner. During intercourse, you give every raw emotion to your partner, no masks, no mirrors just the two of you. Being in such an intense moment boosts emotion and lets you want to explore further into satisfying contentment.

  • Physical Improvement

Sex is by far the best workout there is.  A jolly good bedroom romp is excellent for cardiovascular system, back muscles and opens hips which relieves lower back tension.

So, there you have it. Regular sex is vital to excellent health. Are you having enough sex?

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