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Are you feeling Sexually Frustrated? Stress Less and Have More Sex

So, you think you are feeling sexually frustrated? You seem to be looking to release that sexual energy pent up inside you?

In 2014 Sweden sought to select a word that would accurately describe female masturbation. “Klittra” – we are not a fan of the word. Sounds a bit messy with all that glitter. “Pleasure Cruising” has run out of steam, and so have the steamy sex scenes on TV. We thank Hollywood for their contribution at allowing us to lose ourselves in their titillating sex scenes and we thank free porn streaming via our social media.

So here we are. Wanting to end this madness of sexual frustration. This, ladies, is not uncommon. We think we are this wild beast lusting for pleasure, feeling disorientated? You are not alone. Google, “I am sexually frustrated” – There will be numerous results and analogies of women and men, mind you, discussing or expressing the dissatisfaction of their sex lives. Or lack thereof.

Don’t be embarrassed – just don’t let it set in. You are therefor not the wild beast lusting for pleasure you thought you were! An orgasm is a basic human right!

If you find your browser history full of free porn sites. There is a definite chance that you are edging on the brink of sexual frustration.  Clear your history and step away from your computer!

Start here and start now!

Shift your energy elsewhere. Not scrap booking or needle pointing – but get out there and Zumba up a storm. Surge the endorphins. If you are single and really want a blady good shag, then set it up. Consenting adults, intentions are clear and there is a deep level of trust. AKA, friends with benefits.

Keep taking “care of yourself” – keep a selection of silky lubes at hand, try out new things, like a clitoris pump, or nipple clamps. Explore enhancing serums. Naturally Intimate Earth Clitoral Serum, or G-Spot Serum is best – love Naturally.

intimate earth

I rather love that idea of an orgasm on the go – bullet vibrators are so sassy – the Rocks Off Gold collection has a bullet vibe that is perfectly fitting for that woman who wants to wear her pleasure around her neck. I love the daring and commanding style and the two other sexy little numbers add up for good measure.

The thing is sexual frustration has become a part of what we live with. Safe sex is paramount to all and everything. Not only safe sex, but personal safety. Taking matters into your own hands is really a perfect way to skim off the jiggered edges.

I chatted to a friend of mine – she was the proud owner of a wand vibrator. Rather elegant, she said, waterproof and had all the mod cons she wanted. But she wanted penetration. So, it will fluctuate and ebb and flow. Take charge of it – get what you want and explore however you choose.

Get your sexy to box built up – add a bit of something as the need. Explore different levels of pleasure.

And, to close, being in a relationship does not mean that your silky self-pleasure should end or come to a dramatic halt or even feel remotely guilty about it.

Couple masturbation? We’ll leave that for another time.

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