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2024, the Year to Rev Up Your Sex Life! Try New Things to Increase Intimacy

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The coming year promises more fun and passion! 2024 could be the time to rev up your intimate relationship and try new things to increase closeness with your partner.

There are dozens of intimacy boosting products that can bring you closer together and reignite that spark.

Sex toys and accessories open up so many possibilities for new sensations and shared experiences.

Start the year off by exploring each other in exciting new ways? Experimenting can be a real pleasure!

Adding some variety to your love life doesn’t have to mean a total overhaul; even simple changes like new positions or locations can make a huge difference in enjoyment and connection.

Start 2024 by making intimacy a top priority and try out some new and exciting intimacy products.

The possibilities for intimacy are endless – start exploring them today!

Experiment with New Positions

Trying out different sexual positions is a fun way to mix up your routine and increase intimacy. Here are a few positions to try:

  • The Pretzel: This is a twist on missionary where one partner’s legs are wrapped around the other. It allows for deep penetration and eye contact.

  • The Scoop: Starting in spoon position, the partner behind lifts the top partner’s top leg for an angled penetration. Slow, rocking motions work well here.

  • The Tabletop: Both partners kneel facing each other. This position allows for a variety of movements and stimulation of the G-spot or prostate.

  • The Bridge: Starting in missionary, one partner lifts their hips up into a “bridge” position while the other enters from below. This opens up new angles and provides a view!

Experimenting with new positions takes communication, laughter and a willingness to try something different together. Have fun exploring!

Explore with Sex Toys – There Is So Much to Choose From


Sex toys can be a fun and exciting way to increase intimacy and spice up your sex life. Here are some tips for incorporating toys into your relationship:

  • Start with a simple, classic toy like a vibrator. Vibrators can provide intense stimulation that’s difficult for hands alone to achieve.

  • Communicate openly about using toys together. Make sure both partners are comfortable and excited by the idea.

  • Experiment slowly at first. Use the toy on your partner or have them use it on you to gauge each other’s comfort levels.

  • Focus on having fun and creating new experiences together. Toys are a means to an end, not the main event in themselves. Unless you’re flying solo – (wink wink)

  • Choose body-safe, high-quality toys made from non-porous materials like silicone. Check reviews online before purchasing.

  • Be willing to try different types of toys over time as you both become more comfortable. There are so many options!

  • Explore anal, discuss this openly with one another. There is a plethora of items to choose from, and certainly not intimidating. Our consultants will advise.

Most importantly, keep the lines of communication open. Check in during and after each experience to discuss what you both enjoyed and want more (or less) of next time. Sex toys can truly enhance intimacy when incorporated with care, respect and a sense of fun and adventure between partners.

Communicate – Masturbation for the Win

Another powerful way to increase intimacy in your relationship is through mutual masturbation. This allows you to:

  • Explore each other’s bodies and desires in a low-pressure way

  • Build comfort with sexuality and each other through shared vulnerability

  • Increase communication by providing feedback during the act

  • Heighten arousal and build anticipation for future sexual encounters

To begin, have an open and honest conversation about mutual masturbation. Discuss boundaries, comfort levels and what each partner hopes to gain from the experience. Then, proceed at a pace that feels natural and comfortable for you both. Here are some tips:

  • Start with yourself. Masturbate in front of your partner to show them what feels good for you. Invite them to watch and provide feedback.

  • Take turns touching each other. Use a gentle, teasing touch at first, then increase pressure and pace based on your partner’s reactions.

  • Provide verbal and non-verbal feedback throughout. Say what feels good and what you want more of. Make eye contact and moan to show pleasure.

  • Focus on your partner’s pleasure. The goal is mutual enjoyment, not orgasm. Let go of performance pressures.

  • Set a time limit at first to reduce potential anxiety. Then increase time and intimacy as you both grow more comfortable.

With care, patience and communication, mutual masturbation can be a fun, bonding experience that deepens emotional and physical intimacy between partners.

Start slow, pay attention to each other’s needs and enjoy exploring new pleasures together.

More Ways to Increase Intimacy in 2024

The start of a new year is the perfect time to refresh your relationship and bring more intimacy and closeness into your lives. Here are a few extra tips to try in 2024:

Schedule Regular Date Nights

Make time for just the two of you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Get dressed up, go out for dinner and a movie, or have a night in. The important thing is carving out time when you can reconnect and focus on each other.

Try New Experiences Together

Take a cooking class, go on a hike, try kayaking – anything that gets you out of your regular routine and having a fun new experience side by side. Shared novel experiences strengthen bonds between partners.

Make Physical Touch a Priority

Hold hands, hug, kiss and cuddle as much as you can. Non-sexual physical intimacy fulfills an important need for closeness and reassurance in relationships. Make an effort to initiate touch whenever possible.

Explore Bondage Play

Bondage is by far one of most underrated aspects of sex play. Bondage allows you to surrender, and and feel vulnerable – either men or women can assume the role of the submissive or the receiver. 

Start your bondage journey off with simple and easy accessories. A blindfold, remove one sense, the rest are heightened. 

You can also choose  full bondage set specifically designed for beginners that will include everything you need to start your journey. From there?


BDSM toy box for adults.jpg


Talk About Your Fantasies.

Bringing up a sexual fantasy with a partner can be a bit daunting. No matter how you slice it, you’re opening yourself up to vulnerability and sharing a part of yourself that could end in rejection. No wonder we barely discuss our sexual wants, needs, and possible dissatisfactions when it come to sex.

Invest in a few items of sex furniture, like a sex swing, or the sex wedge with cuffs, Under bed restraints are also a good start. 

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