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10 day sexy fun challenge secret corner

10 Day Sexy Fun Challenge

Welcome to 2019 – Here is your first challenge of the year – 10 days of sex.

Secret Corner always keep their promises – and we did tell you that we would challenge you in 2019. So, pack away your mobile phone, switch off the TV and head to the bedroom – or anywhere you choose. It is time add to your sexy play – and we have everything you need to reach maximum pleasure.

All bedrooms experience a bit of a drought from time to time; leaving us restless and wondering when the next rainstorm is going to hit.

We have a 10-day action plan to kick start 2019 – and get a bit of fire back into your sex life.

10 day sex fun challenge - secret corner

Day 1: Honour yourself as a sexual being

Stop thinking only the skinny ones have more fun – or the younger ones are better at… Acknowledge yourself as a sexual being and welcome the sexual changes that go with life changes.

Day 2: Leave the Lights on Baby

Love yourself – your body is fabulous. Take the time to look at your partners body and allow them to absorb yours – enhancing intimacy and enjoy it.

Day 3: Lose your Inhibitions

Stop waiting for that body you want – enjoy the body you have. Choose 3 parts today and get your partner to pay a little more attention to them, and don’t be afraid to tell them what you want.

Day 4: Kiss

Oh, my word. Kissing is the ultimate in intimacy.  Re-discover the pleasure of kissing each other. Set a time limit – explore one another’s mouth. Smooch and linger.

Day 5: Discover new Boundaries

Explore with a little light bondage – discuss exploring anal, learn and discover the different heights you can reach together – set time aside and discuss setting higher levels of your sexy play.

Day 6: Quickies are Awesome

Grab your spouse – when or where you choose, when they least expect it, get the lube and let go in the moment.

Day 7: Flirt

Flirting creates an anticipation. We are so bombarded by instant messaging – use it to tease your partner during the day. Touch and play, by the time you get together, there will be fireworks.

Day 8: Get Active

The slightest tilt of the hips or thrust, a slightly adjust the speed or the intensity. This will make a massive difference in responses. Once you reach those different levels of play, you will reach for higher levels of intimacy.

Day 9: Oral Play

Nothing quite beats oral play. To give and to receive. Learn how to give the best blow job, or mind-blowing cunnilingus. Oral lubes are delicious and so readily available. Choose Wild Cherry or Chocolate Mint.

 Day 10: Clean Out Your Toy Box

Replenish your sex toys – throw out the old and bring in the new – invest in a fabulous glass wand, or the latest in technology gives you a plethora of choices to choose from masturbators to sonic clitoral waves.

And we always say… Wetter is always a whole lot better – so lube it up and always remember to use a water-based lube with your sex toys. Ladies never use a silicone lube, and always use anal lube when you explore the nether regions.

 Be wise and condomise, keep condoms at hand always – Know your Status if you are single and don’t be afraid to fly solo – There is nothing better than an orgasm; so reach it!

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