Men can be seductive and sexy too

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Black & Red Net G-String

Walk in style with these Mens Undies

R 135,00

Candy Strip Undies

Unleash your naughty side with these undies

R 110,00

G-String Mens Undies | Blueline

G-String Mens Undies is yet again another hit sensation ...

R 240,00

Hot Design | Mens Lingerie

Hot Design | Mens Lingerie is a uniquely designed Men's ...

R 205,00

Hot Net Shorts

These net shorts are bold and fun and are a sure show ...

R 150,00

Jocktrap Undies | Blueline

Jocktrap Undies is a Blueline sporty product with a three ...

R 230,00

Latex Men's Undies

These Latex Undies are sexy

R 180,00

Leather & Lace Undies

Wear these Sexy Mens Undies with Confidence!

R 220,00

Leather and Net Shorts

These sexy shorts have a comfortable fit and will blow your ...

R 180,00

Leather Net Undies

Indulge in your wildest fantasy

R 220,00

Mens Leather Lingerie

Dress in style with this Leather piece

R 330,00

Mens T-Back Undies | Blueline

Mens T-Back Undies is a luxuriously comfortable sexy T-Back ...

R 210,00

Mens Thong | Blueline

Mens Thong is a highly comfortable Blueline product made ...

R 220,00

Mens' Sheer Pants

These long sheer pants for men are cool and has a ...

R 195,00
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Micro V-String

The V-String is daring, erotic and edgy!

R 220,00

Microfiber Shorts

These Microfiber Shorts are super simple and stylish

R 200,00

Pouch Bikini

This Pouch Bikini really show cases what a man has to offer

R 210,00

Sailor Hotpants

Sailor Hotpants: Men there is nothing sexier than a naval ...

R 195,00

White Undies - Black Piping

These Men's Undies are stylish

R 130,00

Men's Thongs and Men's Lingerie

Let her gasp and squeal with delight with Secret Corner’s vast range of Lingerie for Men, from Men’s Lingerie to Men's Thongs, Jockstraps, T-Backs and much so much more! We have every cut, colour and size available so if you cant find what you are looking for then just give us a call or drop us an email.

Online Lingerie for Men Shop

We sell all our Mens Lingerie both online and in our physical store. We offer safe payments online and the shop is very discreet and classy. Buy your lingerie today for night to remember.

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