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Top 10 Sex Toys To Get Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Sex toys and Valentines Day seem to go hand in hand.

The Top 10 Sex Toys for single Valentines Day! With Valentine’s Day rearing its head in the next few weeks, those who are single take a sigh and wonder about themselves during the sexy month of February!

We dedicate February to self pleasure and self-care. There are so many aspects to that, in this instant; we are talking about sexy pleasure.

Ladies, this is the time to invest in a fabulous new vibrator, or get that lube that leaves you breathless. We know wetter is better.

Gents, well with

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Fifty Shades Relentless Vibrations Panty Vibe

6 of the Best Vibrating Panties that you can wear on the down low

If you are new to the idea of vibrating panties it may seem a little intimidating. Don’t be intimidated, below is our selection of vibrating panties that will help you choose the best vibrating panties for you. 

Full sets are the most popular now but if you’d prefer a wearable vibe that can pair with either your favorite lace panties or a pair of comfy boy shorts, we’ve included those, too. Wearable vibrators can easily turn a regular pair of panties into a full-blown tease game. 

1. We - Vibe Moxie - Panty Vibrator


Nobody does remote control vibrators quite

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All About Fleshlight – Best Men’s Sex Toy for 2021

Fleshlight is set to rocket to the top selling sex toy for men in 2021. 

Fleshlight is and has always been the number one male masturbator, and we guarantee it will still be the Best Men’s Sex Toy for 2021. Not only have they bettered the product year upon year, they have come up with some sassy new designs, sexy ladies and added a tweak here and there in order to give gents the best in masturbation.
Here we look at what Dave, our resident mens sex toy tester, has to say about Fleshlights for 2021. He comes to us

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secret corner womanizer liberty lily allen

Womanizer – THE Sex Toy of 2021 – Meg’s Review

Meg, our regular Sexpert has done some homework and has this to say about the fabulous Womanizer range of purring air technology clitoral stimulation for women. Womanizer has won the battle of clitoral orgasms, hands down! Womanizer – THE Sex Toy of 2021.

Womanizer Liberty

Well, Womanizer has upped it’s game in terms of design and functionality. Womanizer Liberty is no exception. Small, compact and sexy by design,  packed with the latest in Air Technology power.

Ergonomically designed, Womanizer Liberty,  fits snugly over the clitoris, cupping it, making it a useful couples play toy. Penetration is easy with the Liberty

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The Best Clitoral Stimulator of 2020 Winner – Our Top 10 Clit Vibrator Sex Toys

The Best Clitoral Stimulator of 2020 Winner – Our Top 10 Clit Vibrator Sex Toys

Secret Corner has compiled a list of the best clitoral vibrators they could find. The best clitoral stimulator of 2020 winner has been carefully selected based on items sales volume, customer feedback. staff feedback and other online reviews.

The clitoris contains over 8000 nerve endings, and with the right sex toy, we could have 8000 sexually enhanced pleasure spots.  Now just to find the right toy…

Have a browse through our list below and give us some feedback. We will also be launching a survey with our blogs to get more feedback from our followers and supporters.

Top 10 Clit

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Sometimes size does matter.

FUN FACTORY BIG BOSS REVIEW – The first time I saw the BIG BOSS  I actually thought it’s bigger size was overkill.  Though the sleek design we know and love from Fun Factoy toys was plain to see, the big size of the toy and the slight ridge made me wonder if this is just for bragging and not really aimed at  truly giving joy.  But let me tell you, I was wrong!

 This toy very quickly changed my mind. It’s bigger than average size was a bit of a challenge to get used to initially

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GROW YOUR MOJO Penis Pump Review

GROW your MOJO – MOJO Zero Gravity Penis Pump Review

Mojo Zero Gravity penis pump review by Bill

Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump Review – Ok I know what you are thinking, how can SHE do a review on a penis pump? And the truth is, I didn’t test the product myself, I enlisted (begged unashamedly for) the help of a very good friend who happens to be the proud owner of his very own penis! He asked that I don’t use his name for the review, so we’ll just call him Bill, like – Rely-a-Bill.

So once it was decided that a review needed to be done, I grabbed

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15 Best Choice Sex Toys 2020

Every year, sex toys change! Sex toys update as new trends hit the market and as technology improves. Secret Corner likes to keep up to date with what is hot and what has changed.

Here is a compilation of the 15 Best Sex Toys in 2020 available in the South African market! In our opinion, anyway.  If you feel we have missed your favourite toy out, or you want to give your personal review of your favourite sex toy for 2020,  that didn’t make our list for 2020, then drop a comment below. We would love to hear your opinions.

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8 Best Sex Toy Gifts This Valentines Day

Sex toys for couples are only as exciting as the play that goes with them. Discover new ideas with our selection of exciting new sex toys, designed with couples in mind.

Don’t let the long-term blues get in the way of exploring new and excitingly sexy, horizons. Close the intimacy gap with our selection of specifically chosen couples toys.

Spice up your Valentine’s evening and add a bit of playful fun with your partner with the divine gifts we have put together for you.

Open yourselves up to new and exciting things and open new portals of sexual intimacy to … Read some more

istockphoto 92622930

As Sexy as X-Mas

The holiday season seems to be dragging itself along with torrential rain and utterly unacceptable summer weather.

Secret Corner, as always throws a ray of sexy sunshine and will give you reason to smile or snuggle in a little deeper with sexy ideas to while away the time.

With only days to Christmas – who is your true love? Is it necessary to have a true love to enjoy the holiday spirit – spoil yourself, your best friend, your pen pal, colleague or neighbour. There is always something sexy happening here.

Regardless of price let it be as sexy as … Read some more

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