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Valentines Day – Make It Hot

Valentines Day is here again, let’s make it Hot.

Boxes of chocolates and dinner and dance have been replaced with a few extra X Rated ideas. It’s time to make some time for hot sex and all that goes with it.

Get into the “Bone Zone” with our selection of sex toys to make that quickie, quicker. Valentines day sex gives couples a chance to plan! Don’t get me wrong, scheduled sex can be hotter and does not have to be boring. 

There is a plethora of sexy items to ignite the passion.  

Plan A  Sex Position Sextravaganza 

Steamy Shades


Sexual Wellness Trends for 2024

sex trends

Sexual wellness refers to the overall state of physical, mental and social well being, culminating to individual sexual health.

From pleasure tech to period education, we share the top trends for 2024.

Sexual wellness encompasses areas such as sexual knowledge, talking about consent, satisfaction and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections; to discuss contraception and reproductive health openly.

There is an increased awareness in sexual wellness and sexual health and the mindset of education in a sexual diverse society,  A rise in sexual in sexual disorders and diseases are discussed openly and the changes in sexual health products have been


2024, the Year to Rev Up Your Sex Life! Try New Things to Increase Intimacy

passionate young couple embracing in a sensual black and white portrait generated by ai free photo scaled

The coming year promises more fun and passion! 2024 could be the time to rev up your intimate relationship and try new things to increase closeness with your partner.

There are dozens of intimacy boosting products that can bring you closer together and reignite that spark.

Sex toys and accessories open up so many possibilities for new sensations and shared experiences.

Start the year off by exploring each other in exciting new ways? Experimenting can be a real pleasure!

Adding some variety to your love life doesn’t have to mean a total overhaul; even simple changes like new positions or


Sexy Naughty But Nice Festive Gifts

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Sexy naughty but nice festive gifts are here, who cares if you have been naughty or nice this year? It is, after all, the season to turn up the heat and be merry and indulge in a little mischief and merriment.

Regardless if you have been mischievously nice or delightfully naughty, we have your sexy festive season covered with our guide of sexiness to sizzle your holiday season.

Naughty But Nice Lingerie

The Seductive Royal Set is a stunning red set that includes a sexy red styled bondage bra and waist harness. Add a touch of allure with this set


Sexy Summer Sex Tips


Sexy Summer is here and we know that Summer is  not for the faint hearted! 

If you love hot and sweaty sex, now is the time to get naked, take out the sex toys and explore the great outdoors.

We believe in good sex all year round, especially during the season of love. Get hot and bothered with us this summer with our sexy fun tips and sex toys to take on the journey.

Invest in A New Toy

This is the perfect time to explore and experiment. Look out for something to spice things up a bit. Consider using


Spring Sex Positions To Celebrate the New Season

sensual spring couple

Spring sex positions are set to celebrate the new season!


It just me or is Spring actually here? Relief, we can celebrate the new season and explore new and exciting sex positions. 

Its time to get there and explore, outdoors and a few new and exciting positions. 

We’ve been grinding under the covers for the winter months, keeping warm, humping in socks… sexy or not?

Spring is the perfect “in-between”. Not too hot and not too cold. You don’t have to worry about staying under the covers, and you don’t have to bother about doing less in bed because it


Barbicor Sex Toys – Pleasure In Pink – Please


Barbicor and the Barbie Movie have taken us on a journey and has us reveling in pink! 

Say It Out Loud!

Pink sex toys. All inspired by the Barbie Movie that has hit the world by storm. 

Us Femmes, we want what we want and we want it in pink.

Discover a new and playful world of sexy fun with Barbie themed sex toys. Barbiecor has made a comeback and we couldn’t be happier to add touch of pink and excitement to your intimate moments.

Let your imagination run wild and indulge in the magical pink ride of pleasure and


Anal August – Loving Your Bum.


Pop That Booty

It’s Anal Sex August month. And we are loving your bum!

In 2012 August was declared to be anal pleasure month which is unbeknown to most folk. Good vibrations, as an adult retailer, we make this declaration to inform you about the pleasure of anal play. 

 Anal sex has been around since the start of civilization. We are just here to remind you of that.

This is the perfect time to discover anal play or up you anal sex game.

Back Door Action

If you have ever been a little curious, this is your month to learn about everything anal.


Inside The SexTech Revolution – Dildos, Guybrators and Teledildonics.

Lovense sex machine

The SexTech Revolution and Teledildonics

The SexTech and Teledildonics revolution is upon us!

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and it’s no surprise that it has made its way into the realm of human intimacy.

The emergence of the SexTech revolution has brought about a whole new level of excitement and pleasure for couples. One fascinating aspect within this revolution is the rise of Teledildonics, which has transformed the way we experience physical pleasure in long-distance relationships.

Teledildonics refers to the use of remote-controlled sex toys that can be controlled and or paired together, by a partner from afar.


Oral Sex – Take A Walk On The Wild Side

oral chocolate

Oral Sex. Tongue wizard or not. Discover the best positions like an expert at the flair of eating out, analingus and become a maestro at the art of fallatio.

When you are looking for some adventure and infuse your oral sex life into a new dimension. Explore the wild side of oral sex positions.

Queen Of Oral Sex 

Queening during oral sex is adding a bit of bondage by using Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge and Cuffs. This allows for both the receivers ankles and the givers wrists to be bound together. This can give an unbelievable erotic mental boost for

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