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Masturbation May And We’re Feeling Good

masturbation blog

Masturbation May is here and we are feeling good! 

Time to dust off your vibrators, invest in a new pocket pussy and treat yourself to some yummy lube.

It is also time to give yourself a hand this month.

Masturbation is about self-pleasure. If you battled to find time last Masturbation May, then you are missing out on celebrating pleasure. 

Masturbation May began as a voice  to speak out about masturbation and its benefits, Masturbation May has since evolved into a highly successful campaign to promote the business of masturbation.

Um what does that mean? An update of what is


Flaunt It In Autumn – Settle In For Some Heated Fun

sex cexik image 2

Autumn is the perfect time to flaunt yourself, and indulge in some sexy fun.

Sex is all about having fun, connecting and communicating with your partner, it is about trying new things in bed. And, with the cooler weather, this is the ideal time to let loose!

It’s easier when the sun is shining and clothes are a minimum, however, the cooler months are always welcome and getting in the mood for some fun is more fun.

So brew up a pot of tea, preferably peppermint, don some thigh high socks and get ready to embark on an exciting and


Sexual Fluidity? Or Is It Just A Phase


sexual fluidty

Sexual Fluidity has been looked at and the myths surrounding it.



Are pretty near ineffable, particularly when it comes to sex and romance, right?

Men, on the other hand are born with their erections pointing infallibly in the direction of whatever or whoever they find desirable.

Women gradually come to understand what gets them going as they gain romantic and sexual experience.

This is so strange and different from the way men work that there’s a term for it—fluidity—that marks it as distinct from the uncomplicated on/off switch that is male sexuality.

After all, no man has ever found


Sexual Wellness Trends for 2024

sex trends

Sexual wellness refers to the overall state of physical, mental and social well being, culminating to individual sexual health.

From pleasure tech to period education, we share the top trends for 2024.

Sexual wellness encompasses areas such as sexual knowledge, talking about consent, satisfaction and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections; to discuss contraception and reproductive health openly.

There is an increased awareness in sexual wellness and sexual health and the mindset of education in a sexual diverse society,  A rise in sexual in sexual disorders and diseases are discussed openly and the changes in sexual health products have been


2024, the Year to Rev Up Your Sex Life! Try New Things to Increase Intimacy

passionate young couple embracing in a sensual black and white portrait generated by ai free photo scaled

The coming year promises more fun and passion! 2024 could be the time to rev up your intimate relationship and try new things to increase closeness with your partner.

There are dozens of intimacy boosting products that can bring you closer together and reignite that spark.

Sex toys and accessories open up so many possibilities for new sensations and shared experiences.

Start the year off by exploring each other in exciting new ways? Experimenting can be a real pleasure!

Adding some variety to your love life doesn’t have to mean a total overhaul; even simple changes like new positions or


Sexy Naughty But Nice Festive Gifts

il fullxfull.5521599107 9z4k

Sexy naughty but nice festive gifts are here, who cares if you have been naughty or nice this year? It is, after all, the season to turn up the heat and be merry and indulge in a little mischief and merriment.

Regardless if you have been mischievously nice or delightfully naughty, we have your sexy festive season covered with our guide of sexiness to sizzle your holiday season.

Naughty But Nice Lingerie

The Seductive Royal Set is a stunning red set that includes a sexy red styled bondage bra and waist harness. Add a touch of allure with this set


Give A Slow Blow Job – Blow Him in Slow Motion

slow blowjob

Slow Blow jobs are one of the best ways to drive him crazy. 

There is no secret that a good blow job is the way to his heart, and will have him instantly craving the slow, sultry sexy feel of your mouth between his thighs.

It is not just about giving good head, but giving him something incredible but discovering how to please him with your mouth alone.

There are many tricks to learn on how to turn your man on, however, learning to give the perfect, slow, blowjob. 

The Slow Blow

  • Pressing the tongue against the base of the

Spring Sex Positions To Celebrate the New Season

sensual spring couple

Spring sex positions are set to celebrate the new season!


It just me or is Spring actually here? Relief, we can celebrate the new season and explore new and exciting sex positions. 

Its time to get there and explore, outdoors and a few new and exciting positions. 

We’ve been grinding under the covers for the winter months, keeping warm, humping in socks… sexy or not?

Spring is the perfect “in-between”. Not too hot and not too cold. You don’t have to worry about staying under the covers, and you don’t have to bother about doing less in bed because it


Deep Throat – Not an Urban Myth


Deep Throat – is not an Urban Myth, or anything other than giving good head! 

Let’s talk about Deep Throat and the Female Pleasure Myth.

Going down, ALL the way. Deep Throating can add an exciting addition to your blowjob game. Discover how to go… ALL the way down!

Tips For Deep-Throating

Deep-Throating is is more or less like an advanced way of giving really GOOD head! The only way you are going to get the real idea is to practice. Practice. Practice. And make the most of the experience. 

Exploring the oral sex technique that goes way back, mind


Oral Sex – Take A Walk On The Wild Side

oral chocolate

Oral Sex. Tongue wizard or not. Discover the best positions like an expert at the flair of eating out, analingus and become a maestro at the art of fallatio.

When you are looking for some adventure and infuse your oral sex life into a new dimension. Explore the wild side of oral sex positions.

Queen Of Oral Sex 

Queening during oral sex is adding a bit of bondage by using Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge and Cuffs. This allows for both the receivers ankles and the givers wrists to be bound together. This can give an unbelievable erotic mental boost for

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