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Womanizer – THE Sex Toy of 2021 – Meg’s Review

Meg, our regular Sexpert has done some homework and has this to say about the fabulous Womanizer range of purring air technology clitoral stimulation for women. Womanizer has won the battle of clitoral orgasms, hands down! Womanizer – THE Sex Toy of 2021.

Womanizer Liberty

Well, Womanizer has upped it’s game in terms of design and functionality. Womanizer Liberty is no exception. Small, compact and sexy by design,  packed with the latest in Air Technology power.

Ergonomically designed, Womanizer Liberty,  fits snugly over the clitoris, cupping it, making it a useful couples play toy. Penetration is easy with the Liberty

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Sex-Ed with Meg – Who is Meg?

Sex-Ed with Meg…Sex Ed at Secret Corner is a vital aspect of keeping our clients informed and ensuring that they are given the highest level of information that is sensible and easy to comprehend, without being intimidating. 

Who is Meg?

Meg is our resident Sexpert. With years of experience in media and journalism, she also has a lust for researching information. And ensuring that our customers are given the information they need and that it is given in a comprehensive manner. 

Having worked closely with a popular South African Sexologist, Meg picked up a few interesting tricks herself, and decided

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driveoral FULL

I’m A Pleasure Specialist!

I’m a “pleasure specialist” it’s more than you think. Or not as bad as you assume. I sell sex toys. I am equal parts salesperson and therapist. Penis puns notwithstanding, how hard can it be?

There is a certain look on the faces of people who ask what I do for a living. With a lot of misconception around adult stores, we certainly are spoilt for choices. That is a hard one to explain around a dinner table!

Gone are the days of, “sleazy porn shops”, they’re out the door; and have been replaced by elegant and stylised adult boutiques. … Read some more

intimacy 2549258 1920

Top Selling Ladies Vibrators

Ladies. Self-care goes beyond a facial mask, boob job and pretzel position yoga. Sex toys are an integral part of loving yourself. This is not just the basic dildo and vibrator. An orgasm a day keeps the wolves at bay.

Sex toys allow you to give yourself a boost whenever you need it and take matters into your own hands; whenever you choose – you are in control. So, take control. Orgasms release oxytocin, the anti-stress hormone that gets you all warm and fuzzy, dopamine, a neurotransmitter regulates sleep, pops up its head, and that feeling of, “I need to … Read some more

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Working in an Adult Shop – What we want you to know

Working in an adult shop is by far a daunting experience, but more so a very rewarding and embracing one. We find means to encourage you to pop in and discover the latest in adult shopping – we are seldom daunted.

An adult shop is your safe haven to choose openly and freely your personal sexuality without fear of being judged or looked at with one eye shut! But encourage you to choose and be as open in your sexual freedom as you want to be and do our utmost to ensure that what you are looking for, we will … Read some more

vibrators what are they how do i choose 1

Vibrators – What Are They and How do I Choose

Vibrators for Women

Womens vibrators are a great way to explore your sexuality, to discover what you really like and what you don’t. Whether playing solo or with a partner there are a fantastic range of vibrators out there for every desire.

So we realise there is an overwhelming range of vibrators our there- from clitoral vibrators to g-spot vibrators, from pulsators to thrusting vibrators – and the list goes on. So this blog aims to give you some helpful hints on the different sex toys for women and choosing whats good for you. 

How Do i Choose My First

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celebrating pride month 2018 secret corner

Celebrating LGBT Pride Month 2018

Celebrating LGBT Pride Month at Secret Corner

The month of June is unofficially recognised as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month.

secret corner celebrating pride month 2018

Secret Corner proudly supports LGBT agenda and what it represents. By which we offer our Pride customers a safe and ethical environment to do their intimate shopping. Each customer is given discreet and informed service, with every effort to meet the specific needs or requirements of each individual person, regardless of their sexual orientation.

We pledge to educate and treat each customer as an individual, giving you the opportunity to shop with ease, be well informed and … Read some more

be condom wise know your size secret corner

Be Condom wise and know your Size

How do I choose the right Condom for me?

Condoms are not all set in stone. They too are sized. Like a bra, or pair of knickers. With the wide variety of condoms available – we thought we would let you in on a few secrets on how to choose the perfect fit!

know your condom size

Regardless of brands, condoms are specific in various ways. Some like wetter, or tasty, others like it ribbed for extra pleasure and some prefer studded. But did we ever really pay attention to the fact that condoms are in fact sized. Choosing the perfect fit will increase … Read some more

what do cock rings do secret corner

Taking Cock Rings out of the Bag

What do Cock Rings do?

Prolonging ejaculation is high on the male sex agenda. Some request tablets, others delay spray, but most have discovered the pleasures of wearing and experimenting with a cock ring!

The cock ring is worn around the penis, usually at the base of the penis. The objective of wearing a cock ring is usually to assist  in maintaining an erection for a longer periods; therefore, prolonging ejaculation. These interesting devises are used to restrict the blood flow out of the penis, creating a sensation of tightness which is apparently pleasurable.

what do you use a cock ring for - secret corner

But there are other reasons men adorn cock … Read some more

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