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Fifty Shades Relentless Vibrations Panty Vibe

6 of the Best Vibrating Panties that you can wear on the down low

If you are new to the idea of vibrating panties it may seem a little intimidating. Don’t be intimidated, below is our selection of vibrating panties that will help you choose the best vibrating panties for you. 

Full sets are the most popular now but if you’d prefer a wearable vibe that can pair with either your favorite lace panties or a pair of comfy boy shorts, we’ve included those, too. Wearable vibrators can easily turn a regular pair of panties into a full-blown tease game. 

1. We - Vibe Moxie - Panty Vibrator


Nobody does remote control vibrators quite

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secret-corner-westville-adult store

Welcome to Secret Corner Durban Westville

A Discreet Adult Shop in Durban

inside secret corner adult shop

Secret Corner Durban Westville is an Adult Shop, but not just any Adult Shop, we strive to stand above the other by creating a space that is clean, classy and comfortable. We remove the dark and dirty feeling, the porno mags and the viewing rooms and instead replace it with brightness, and friendliness.

Secret Corner started its journey in 2016 and Secret Corner Westville is Durban’s newest adult store. Our doors opened up in October 2020. We promote a safe, comfortable space for all people – a store where anyone and everyone wants to

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Kegel Balls - how to find the best fit for you in 4 easy steps

Kegel Balls: How to find the best fit for you in 4 easy steps

Kegel Balls: How to find the best fit for you in 4 easy steps

Ben wa  or kegel balls are small, hollow weighted balls on a string that are traditionally inserted into the vagina. This was originally done in ancient Japan to improve the quality of sex for men, and add new sensations to the act during intercourse.

 In recent years, it has come to light that these balls have medical benefits as well. Suddenly you could buy a sex toy for women that gave men increased pleasure and improved a woman’s pelvic floor muscles (the ones they use to

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kegel benwa balls

How to use Kegel balls

How to use Kegel Balls (step by step guide)

kegel benwa balls

How to use Kegel balls. So you’ve bought or ordered your first set of Kegel balls and you are eager to try them out. Secret Corner will talk you through the process step by step and have you on your way to tighter, more toned fanny muscles in not time! Should you be reading this article and be unsure of what kegel balls to use please check out our article on choosing your kegel balls


61kWbo2HVNL. AC SX569

Let’s start with what you are going to need:

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beginners guide to kegel balls

Beginner’s guide to Kegel balls – Everything you need to know.

Inner Goddess Kegel Balls | 50 Shades

Beginner’s guide to Kegel balls – everything you need to know. Secret Corner has you covered, we will break it down for you, from the lingo to the hardware.

Kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls, have been used for centuries to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The small, weighted balls come in a variety of different weights and sizes to help you contract and release different muscles with ease.

But Kegel balls do more than just whip your pelvic floor/fanny muscles into shape. They’re better known for enhancing sexual pleasure. So much so that they’re known by many names

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Why every man should own a masturbator


Here is why men’s masturbator sex toys are essential for every bedroom and why every man should own a masturbator! We will discuss the health benefits of masturbation, the different types of masturbators and strokers.

What are Masturbators for Men?

Simple put, mastubators for men are male sex toys that offer a simutlation of a real vagina, sometimes referred to as pocket pussies or Fleshlight, which is an extremely popular male masturbator on the market today. Male sex toys are just as popular as womens, yet very few men know about the health benefits and even different types that you

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