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Valentines Day – Make It Hot

Valentines Day is here again, let’s make it Hot.

Boxes of chocolates and dinner and dance have been replaced with a few extra X Rated ideas. It’s time to make some time for hot sex and all that goes with it.

Get into the “Bone Zone” with our selection of sex toys to make that quickie, quicker. Valentines day sex gives couples a chance to plan! Don’t get me wrong, scheduled sex can be hotter and does not have to be boring. 

There is a plethora of sexy items to ignite the passion.  

Plan A  Sex Position Sextravaganza 

Steamy Shades


Sexy Summer Sex Tips


Sexy Summer is here and we know that Summer is  not for the faint hearted! 

If you love hot and sweaty sex, now is the time to get naked, take out the sex toys and explore the great outdoors.

We believe in good sex all year round, especially during the season of love. Get hot and bothered with us this summer with our sexy fun tips and sex toys to take on the journey.

Invest in A New Toy

This is the perfect time to explore and experiment. Look out for something to spice things up a bit. Consider using


Submission – The Subtle Art


Sexual submission is a prevalent aspect of BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission/Sadism, and Masochism) culture.

It involves a consensual exchange of power between willing participants, where one partner takes on the dominant role while the other embraces their submissive side.

BDSM culture encompasses a wide range of sexual practices that incorporate physical, psychological, and role-play elements. Participants in BDSM engage in activities such as suppression, physical restriction, role-playing games, power exchange, and occasionally pain administration.


Kneeling for a submissive is a key demonstration of submission and respect. This is how the submissive displays their commitment to serve their dominant partner


Barbicor Sex Toys – Pleasure In Pink – Please


Barbicor and the Barbie Movie have taken us on a journey and has us reveling in pink! 

Say It Out Loud!

Pink sex toys. All inspired by the Barbie Movie that has hit the world by storm. 

Us Femmes, we want what we want and we want it in pink.

Discover a new and playful world of sexy fun with Barbie themed sex toys. Barbiecor has made a comeback and we couldn’t be happier to add touch of pink and excitement to your intimate moments.

Let your imagination run wild and indulge in the magical pink ride of pleasure and


Cam Girls And Teledildonics

1525887022457 cam girl edit 13 01 scaled

Cam Girls and Teledildonics, a far reaching new generation of Sex and sex toys.

Sex toys have come a long way since the days of simple vibrators and dildos. With technology advancing rapidly, sex toy manufacturers have been able to push the boundaries of pleasure like never before.

But what about cam girls? How do they fit into this revolution?

Enter Teledildonics 

Teledildonics ia an innovative technology that allows remote control of sex machines` and sex toys in real-time.

We we explore how far we’ve come in the sex toy revolution, specifically looking at the intersection between cam girls and


Inside The SexTech Revolution – Dildos, Guybrators and Teledildonics.

Lovense sex machine

The SexTech Revolution and Teledildonics

The SexTech and Teledildonics revolution is upon us!

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and it’s no surprise that it has made its way into the realm of human intimacy.

The emergence of the SexTech revolution has brought about a whole new level of excitement and pleasure for couples. One fascinating aspect within this revolution is the rise of Teledildonics, which has transformed the way we experience physical pleasure in long-distance relationships.

Teledildonics refers to the use of remote-controlled sex toys that can be controlled and or paired together, by a partner from afar.


Top Ten Pride Picks for Pride 2023

glitter ball

It’s Pride Month! And we are screaming from the roof tops! It’s Here! Its Here!

Not only is this an excellent time to top up your toy box, but also discover what’s hot and new and to explore new and exciting sex horizons. Whether single or not. It is time to play. 

Roll out the colours and bang the drum. Secret Corner is loaded with the latest and exciting Proudly Pride items for your pleasure.

These toys include everything from vagina to vagina sexy fun, we have some items for our trans bodies, and male to male fun. 

Whether you


Top Sex Toys For Easter Fun



Lets take a look at the top sex toys for Easter fun.

We have got you covered to ensure that your LONG weekend is ignited with passion in the bedroom, the beach or on kitchen table. Yep, there is always a little something for everyone at Secret Corner.

Eat It Up

Easter is about chocolate and engorging delicious flavours. Eating is a pleasure. Eat, or be eaten. A delectable, moist peach… or…

We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed, but be open mouthed, not empty mouthed with our range of delectable edible glides, vegan, organic and oh so


Flip The Love Narrative

flip the narrative

Can we fall in love every day? Do we wonder about a happy ever after?

There is obviously a reason fairy tails normally end in “happily ever after”. The reality of it is that it is  not always the case. Love is not and never will be that tidy and carefully placed into boxes of reality.

Most relationships will fall into troubled waters from time to time. It is naïve to assume they wont. Learn to swim!

We pass the “honeymoon phase” over and over during the course of our relationship/s – So, does it really end? Or do we


Rocking October

We are Rocking October with unbelievable prizes to give away every week during the month of October. 

What You Have To Do

Easy as pie! Shop with your favourite adult shop, Secret Corner and stand a chance to win one of three amazing products when you spend R2000 or more. 

We will enter your name into our weekly give away  1 of 3 gorgeous premium brand sex toys.

What’s Up For Grabs

Lush giveaway

Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Love Egg

This is the latest by Lovense – Lush 3. The ultimate in couples and solo play. The most powerful Bluetooth remote

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