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Seven Sex Toys for Gay Men

Seven Sex Toys for Gay Men

Untitled design 55

Gay Life is a Giant Ballroom. It is kinky  but we have been lingering in the corners of these dancehalls for far too long. Checkout these Seven Sex Toys for Gay Men.

It is time to jump into your Pride boots, regardless if you are kinky or Vanilla, there is something for everyone. Here are a few ideas to navigate your way to the latest and boost your confidence and something you have been dying to try!


Icicles No 26 Glass Butt Plug

Glass is deliciously sensuous temperature play. Icicles No 26 Glass Butt Plug is hand blown luxurious glass


Big Dick. Small Dick.

Big Dick? Small Dick? Does penis size really matter?

penis size


The Short Answer

No, penis size does not matter. Well not in terms of desire or functionality. Size has zero to do with the ability to give or receive pleasure.

Obviously some love a bigger sized penis. Bigger is not necessarily better. Its a personal choice. You like pineapple on your pizza. Me, I don’t.

Bigger is not essentially Better!

Contrary to what you might have heard in the banter at the gym, and certainly what some informal media projects spout out.

A big dick is not the bees knees!



Sixteen Best Men’s Sex Toys – A 2022 Guide for men.


Sex Toys for men is as important as sex toys for woman. At least 20% of sex toys sold are for women, and dildos run a close second! The rest? we have thought outside the box! Pun intended! You get it. 

We unbundle the latest in  sex toys for men. What is hot and why. 

It’s no myth that exploring with a sex toy improves your  performance in bed with your partner. 

Here is a list of the top 16 selling sex toys for men and why we love them.

Fun Factory Manta

fun factory Manta

The masturbator you wont want to keep


The Best Fleshlight Strokers for 2022

It’s a given. Fleshlight is the best males stroker on the market. Fleshlight are the leaders in pleasure for men and search for new and innovative sensations.

You already know that Fleshlight is referred to as a penetrative sex toy designed to be used with the penis. Fleshlight is the brand name, if it does not say Fleshlight on the box – it’s a masturbator. Fleshlight is considered to be the very best in sex toys for men.

There is no right or wrong in the Fleshlight world. They keep upping the game and adding a waffle and a weave


Top 10 Sex Positions to Spice up 2022

sex positions

Say adieu to 2021 and hello to 2022!

It’s no secret that 2021 was enough to kick us in the groin and push our boundaries. 

Its time to set some new resolutions in place for this year. 

Our sex lives are often the first thing that goes a bit stale as the year progresses. Don’t let this happen in 2022. 

Here are some sexy fun tips and sexy positions to jazz up your sex life and reignite passion.

We are aiming for orgasms, and we are talking about multiple orgasms.

Here are some exciting and new positions to try out


Sexy Sex Toys for Men

fleshlight aviator clear with model

Sexy sex toys for men are not an afterthought for Christmas gifting. 

There has been the myth that there are less abundant sex toys for men than there are for women. Lucky ladies are very spoiled for choice with sucking and purring sexy devices.

Sex toys are a great way to add to the pleasure, destress and spice things up. 

So I’ve bust a myths and added a few of my favourite things to inspire you to either get someting or give a very heavy hint to your partner. Men love sex toys too.

If you like it, Put a


Men’s Sexual Health Matters

have better sex

It’s men’s health month and that matters.

Anyone out there who is having good sex is lucky right now. I mean really, we have had Covid, civil war, politics and the craziest 2 years imaginable.

If you are not quite rustling under the sheets it ok!

How better to alleviate stress but the most natural way? Sex!

We have pulled out all the stops and checked out all the ways you can develop guidelines on how to access the stress relieving properties of a healthy sex life. 

It’s not just about sex. I chatted to a few guys and they


Go Commando! For Prostate Health

prostate healthWe’re going commando for Prostate health this November!

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in South African men. Get to know the facts and take action early.

One in every 23 men in South Africa will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime.

The stats are staggering! On average 5 men will die from prostate cancer a day and more than 4,300 South African men are diagnosed with prostate cancer yearly.

What Is Prostaate Cancer?

The prostate gland is located just below the bladder, producing a fluid that protects and enriches sperm.

Prostate cancer occurs when cells in the


Mojo Get it On

mojo get it on

Get your Mojo on with the latest from Intimate Earth. 

Looking for your Mojo? We’ve got it!

The ultimate in masculine pleasure glides. Packed with the goodness of the earth. Increase libido and stamina with these all natural aphrodisiacs for men. Now there is a specifically blended range of glides and enhancers just for you. 

The long awaited sexual enhancement serums, glides that are 100% organic and vegan – for guys!

Get It On Performance Glides  in water-based and silicone. jam packed with Peruvian Ginseng and  Horney Goat Weed warming glide to enhance pleasure,  increase sensations and stimulates blood flow


Take A Pause

pause for men
NUEI Pause –  Love Oil for men.  The Cosmetic of the Night!

All men want to last longer in bed, right? Of course they do and still feel the benefits of intimate pleasure.

Pause, by NUEI, gives you the pause you are looking for to give you that little extra edge. The pure and organic water based gel that is applied directly to your member, you will soon feel the tingling pleasure and prolong ejaculation.

Pause product

I have been told by a few fellow users of PAUSE, that not only does it prolong shooting your load and give extra sensation and

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