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how to start using a butt plug

How to start using a butt plug

How to start using a butt plug in 3 easy steps and other questions I often get asked about anal sex.

Let’s start at the beginning: What is a butt plug?

In it’s purest form it is a toy shaped specifically to be used in your bum. It will generally have a slightly tapered tip, going into a more bulbus shape, and then back into a smaller taper ending with a flared/wide base. The end is important for safety, your anal toy needs to have a base or end that acts like a stopper so that you do not run

Oh my gosh! You get sex toys for men

Oh my gosh! You get sex toys for men?

What are men's sex toys?

Sex toys for men are aimed at providing maximum sexual pleasure during either SOLO play or with a partner.

Being in the sex toy industry for the last 5+ years I am still surprised when guys are astounded when they realise there are sex toys for guys.

So I thought I take this opportunity to enlighten and educate the male species about the wonderful world of adult toys for men.

bathmate hydromax 7 colours available

My top choices of sex toy types for men

Here’s a short list of my top sex toys for men and I’m not just talking



Sometimes size does matter.

FUN FACTORY BIG BOSS REVIEW – The first time I saw the BIG BOSS  I actually thought it’s bigger size was overkill.  Though the sleek design we know and love from Fun Factoy toys was plain to see, the big size of the toy and the slight ridge made me wonder if this is just for bragging and not really aimed at  truly giving joy.  But let me tell you, I was wrong!

 This toy very quickly changed my mind. It’s bigger than average size was a bit of a challenge to get used to initially

GROW YOUR MOJO Penis Pump Review

GROW your MOJO – MOJO Zero Gravity Penis Pump Review

Mojo Zero Gravity penis pump review by Bill

Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump Review – Ok I know what you are thinking, how can SHE do a review on a penis pump? And the truth is, I didn’t test the product myself, I enlisted (begged unashamedly for) the help of a very good friend who happens to be the proud owner of his very own penis! He asked that I don’t use his name for the review, so we’ll just call him Bill, like – Rely-a-Bill.

So once it was decided that a review needed to be done, I grabbed

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