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15 Best Choice Sex Toys 2020

Every year, sex toys change! Sex toys update as new trends hit the market. Secret Corner like to keep up to date with what is hot and what has changed.

Here is a compilation of the 15 Best Sex Toys in 2020 available in the South African market! In our opinion, anyway.  If you feel we have missed your favourite toy out, or you want to give your personal review of your favourite sex toy for 202o,  that didn’t make our list for 2020, then drop a comment below. We would love to hear your opinions.

So here they are…

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how to fit a cock ring secret corner

How to Size a Cock Ring

How to Size a Cock Ring

So you want to buy a Cock Ring but have never tried one and you are trying to figure out your size, well you are in the right place buddy!  First things first though, what is the most basic function of a cock ring, you ask?  Broken down to the basics, it is a physical restraint that slows down blood flow OUT of the penis , thus keeping you harder for longer. Therefore, it is important to get your sizing right, too loose and you won’t get the desired effect, too tight and you … Read some more

water based vs silcone lubricants secret corner blog

Difference between Water and Silicone Lubes

What is the difference between Water and Silicone Lubes

We live fast paced stressful lives and sometimes that translates into the bedroom (or kitchen or lounge or shower… you get the idea). One of the most common reasons for “not so great” sex is caused by vaginal dryness and in the bedroom as in life, the less friction you have, the better! This is where a sexy lube comes in to save the day.

There are two main types of Personal Lubes: Water based and Silicone based. We often get asked what the difference is between the two, so here’s … Read some more

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