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Secret Corner takes over Sex Toy Shop SA Online

Secret Corner has recently bought over the popular Sex Toy Shop SA online store. ”It has taken months of deliberation to give up a store that we love so much but we think it will be for the best as we can now offer our customers a whole lot more” said the director at Sex Toy Shop SA.

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Sex Toy Shop SA is an old and well recognized Adult Sex Toy Shop that has been around since 2014. The years of customers can now shop online at Secret Corner and will receive the same incredible customer service but with an … Read more...

mss tablets for men secret corner

MSS for Him – A Funny Personal Review

Max Up Mss Men Review

To ‘Pill’ or Not to ‘Pill’…

My man and I were going through that ‘slump’ that a couple sometimes go through- ships passing in the night and you wake up one morning and realise you haven’t had sex in ages. When we first met we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and now… well it’s not that we don’t want to BUT daily routines and stress can have that effect on your libido. I was a little ‘disturbed’ to even consider getting him to try an enhancement pill… thoughts like am I ‘not doing … Read more...


Vaginal Health – Chatterbox

It’s an often talked about topic among women – between themselves; they all want a tighter vagina! The vagina changes for a myriad of reasons. And, frankly, age has less to do with it. Lets talk about vaginal health.

Throughout a woman’s life, our body change. We get periods, we give birth, take contraceptives, go through menopause and honestly, if our vagina did not have some sort of reaction, that would be a miracle.

So, ladies, stop fretting about the look, feel or elasticity of La Vagin – all is good. Mythologically one would be prescribed a concoction of herbs, … Read more...

Benwa Balls

Choosing your Kegel Balls

How to Choose the Perfect Kegel Balls

Choosing Kegel Balls is a very personal thing. To begin with,you need to decide on the type of Kegel ball you are looking for. There are several to choose from, each offering different levels of either, pleasure, lift and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. tightening and releasing the muscles in your pelvic floor. If you have never used Kegel or Ben Wa Balls, well now is the time to discover the benefits and pleasure of choosing one that is perfect for you. Find your Inner Goddess!

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Single or Double Kegel Balls?

Some people
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Femidyn – A Ladies Power Enhancer

Looking for Ladies Enhancers?

Have you been looking for a female libido booster? Want to take back your sexy power back? Feeling a little tired to enjoy sex? We have the answer. Femidyn.

Femidyn is a new and innovative product to stimulate both body and mind to increase emotions and senses.

The specially formulated tablets increase libido in women, increasing sexual sensitivity. Femidyn contains phytohormone ingredients elevating moods and sexual awareness.

Designed as a once a day all natural, gentle, safe and effective female libido enhancer, this formula is set to benefit women of all ages, restoring sexual desire … Read more...

P is for Pegging

P is for Pegging

What is Pegging?

Pegging, as it is commonly known as, the new dimension of couples play. Men have become more giving to the idea of women taking charge of his bottom with a strap on and commanding he bend and part for a little anal play!

Fact – There is a 300% increase in the number for heterosexual couples using strap on dildos and with men being more open to the idea of female to male anal fun. With 100% increase in sales on strap on and harnesses, this has taken a leap into the front row of dildo and … Read more...

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