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Sexy Summer Sex Tips


Sexy Summer is here and we know that Summer is  not for the faint hearted! 

If you love hot and sweaty sex, now is the time to get naked, take out the sex toys and explore the great outdoors.

We believe in good sex all year round, especially during the season of love. Get hot and bothered with us this summer with our sexy fun tips and sex toys to take on the journey.

Invest in A New Toy

This is the perfect time to explore and experiment. Look out for something to spice things up a bit. Consider using


Give A Slow Blow Job – Blow Him in Slow Motion

slow blowjob

Slow Blow jobs are one of the best ways to drive him crazy. 

There is no secret that a good blow job is the way to his heart, and will have him instantly craving the slow, sultry sexy feel of your mouth between his thighs.

It is not just about giving good head, but giving him something incredible but discovering how to please him with your mouth alone.

There are many tricks to learn on how to turn your man on, however, learning to give the perfect, slow, blowjob. 

The Slow Blow

  • Pressing the tongue against the base of the

Sex And The Sixty Something Man

bananaSex and the sixty something man is still unbelievably sexy. Many mature couples have a better love life than they did in their younger days.

There is a deeper intimacy, no pregnancy concerns and there is a whole lot more time to explore.

Embrace the Changes

In reality, penis owners do get older, erections get softer and life still goes on. The penis and testicles may also shrink, and decreased sensation. As we age, blood circulation decreases and testosterone lowers, and we just get on with it.

Contrary to popular belief, people can still have great sex during and after

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