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The Link Between Steroids and Erectile Dysfunction: What You Need to Know

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The link between steroids’ and erectile dysfunction are finely tuned and should be taken seriously. 

Anabolic steroids can cause erectile dysfunction because of aromatase action, and they also produce high levels of estrogen.

Although physiologic levels of estrogen are necessary for male sexual function, the high doses and the testosterone/estrogen imbalance cause sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction.

Steroids are a class of organic compounds, that can be characterised by their molecular structure, which contains four rings of carbon atoms. Steroids are largely diverse, with many hormones, alkaloids, vitamins, and drugs in this class of organic compounds.  

The term steroids,


Cam Girls And Teledildonics

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Cam Girls and Teledildonics, a far reaching new generation of Sex and sex toys.

Sex toys have come a long way since the days of simple vibrators and dildos. With technology advancing rapidly, sex toy manufacturers have been able to push the boundaries of pleasure like never before.

But what about cam girls? How do they fit into this revolution?

Enter Teledildonics 

Teledildonics ia an innovative technology that allows remote control of sex machines` and sex toys in real-time.

We we explore how far we’ve come in the sex toy revolution, specifically looking at the intersection between cam girls and


Inside The SexTech Revolution – Dildos, Guybrators and Teledildonics.

Lovense sex machine

The SexTech Revolution and Teledildonics

The SexTech and Teledildonics revolution is upon us!

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and it’s no surprise that it has made its way into the realm of human intimacy.

The emergence of the SexTech revolution has brought about a whole new level of excitement and pleasure for couples. One fascinating aspect within this revolution is the rise of Teledildonics, which has transformed the way we experience physical pleasure in long-distance relationships.

Teledildonics refers to the use of remote-controlled sex toys that can be controlled and or paired together, by a partner from afar.


Oral Sex – Take A Walk On The Wild Side

oral chocolate

Oral Sex. Tongue wizard or not. Discover the best positions like an expert at the flair of eating out, analingus and become a maestro at the art of fallatio.

When you are looking for some adventure and infuse your oral sex life into a new dimension. Explore the wild side of oral sex positions.

Queen Of Oral Sex 

Queening during oral sex is adding a bit of bondage by using Steamy Shades Inflatable Wedge and Cuffs. This allows for both the receivers ankles and the givers wrists to be bound together. This can give an unbelievable erotic mental boost for


Top Ten Pride Picks for Pride 2023

glitter ball

It’s Pride Month! And we are screaming from the roof tops! It’s Here! Its Here!

Not only is this an excellent time to top up your toy box, but also discover what’s hot and new and to explore new and exciting sex horizons. Whether single or not. It is time to play. 

Roll out the colours and bang the drum. Secret Corner is loaded with the latest and exciting Proudly Pride items for your pleasure.

These toys include everything from vagina to vagina sexy fun, we have some items for our trans bodies, and male to male fun. 

Whether you

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