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Too Hot For Sex? Try These.

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We cant deny the heat has left us spent, out of breath and a shag the last item on our agenda.

But. We all want to get frisky, the heat and the sweat is sexy. Listless and jungle hot, which is: sexy.

It has been decidedly too hot for anything, let alone a good shag. With these interesting ways to beat the heat during sex and a bit of nookey will ease the summer blues and get you hot and sweaty in a delicious way.

Start The Aircon Beforehand

We know that electricity is not cheap or it in just

hot new sex trends 2023 with secret corner

Hot New Sex Trends For 2023

hot sex trends

Hot New Sex Trends For 2023


Sex is changing and so are we, sometimes for the better, but not always. In the next decade, there will be “teledildonic” shows where people select their favourite performer who is hooked up to a robot arm for the main event. There are more trans and nonbinary (envoy) porn stars than ever before and they have become some of the most popular stars among viewers. Last year’s trend of having sex with a Google Home assistant has evolved into having sex with a voice assistant of your choosing from any device and brand.

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