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Sexy Sex Toys for Men

fleshlight aviator clear with model

Sexy sex toys for men are not an afterthought for Christmas gifting. 

There has been the myth that there are less abundant sex toys for men than there are for women. Lucky ladies are very spoiled for choice with sucking and purring sexy devices.

Sex toys are a great way to add to the pleasure, destress and spice things up. 

So I’ve bust a myths and added a few of my favourite things to inspire you to either get someting or give a very heavy hint to your partner. Men love sex toys too.

If you like it, Put a


Sexy Stocking Fillers

sexy stocking fillers

Sexy Stocking Fillers are here just in time for the holiday season, and its time to venture out and get some shopping done.

Don’t wrestle with malls and packed shops. Venture into Secret Corner, where we have made your holiday shopping extra fun and stocking fillers a touch cheeky and the entire experience something to remember.

Its been a tough year and we are all so happy to wave it farewell… with  no regrets, but only fun and laughter. Get ready to up your game in the bedroom, under the Christmas tree and pass the sexy fun on. 

We mostly


Hello December

Hello december box

December is here and if anybody is having extreme fun? Well done.

We are putting all things that belong in the to do “Sex Bucket List” , out there. You’re going to want to keep this handy.

We don’t only want to spice up our sex lives, but hell, seriously? We have had it and everything else. We need to spice up our lives. Full stop.

Having said that, research shows, we should have a sex bucket list. It helps keep things fresh and spices up your entire relationship.

Then I got thinking. What about those who are not in


World Aids Day

condoms aids day 21

World Aids day is here and we are here to make a stand.

We no sooner catch our breath with one seemingly unreachable target, and another one is in front of us.

The theme for World Aids Day for 2021 is END INEQUALITIES. END AIDS. END PANDEMICS.

Ironic, is it not? It was 40 years ago that we first noticed the HIV/AIDS epidemic. And now we sit amid one of the worst world pandemics we will know in our lifetime.  And it is not AIDS.

Secret Corner makes an enormous stand against inequalities.

We purge out prejudices and embrace the

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