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A Guide to Sex Toys for Men

Interested in learning a little bit more about the different toys that are available for men and how they work for optimal pleasure? Check out our Guide to Sex Toys for Men below.

What are Men’s Sex Toys?

Men love toys as much as women do. Men’s Sex toys are carefully curated, with every aspect of men’s sexual needs taken into account. Sex toys for men have a myriad of benefits – not only to stimulate pleasure, but to also increase stamina, confidence and improve overall sexual wellbeing. Globally, mens toys and masturbators have morphed into various styles, however, and


Why every man should own a masturbator


Here is why men’s masturbator sex toys are essential for every bedroom and why every man should own a masturbator! We will discuss the health benefits of masturbation, the different types of masturbators and strokers.

What are Masturbators for Men?

Simply put, mastubators for men are male sex toys that offer orgasmic stimulation, often designed to replicate a real vagina. Sometimes referred to as pocket pussies or a Fleshlight, which is an extremely popular male masturbator on the market today. Male sex toys are just as popular as womens sex toys, yet very few men know about the health benefits


Sex Toys Guide – Facts, Figures, Fantasies.

We have decided to compile a Sex Toys Guide with all the amazing facts, figures and fantasies that go hand in hand with the industry. As cool and new exciting infomation is found, or is provided by our awesome customers, we will continue to update this page!

Predicted Worldwide Sex Toy Market Sales

The sex toy market is absolutely banging! Excuse the pun.  Check the following sex toys sales all over the world. Stats here from Satista

Sex Toys Market

Sales Forecast


2019 – 2026

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R 0
R 0
R 0
R 0

15 Best Choice Sex Toys 2020

Every year, sex toys change! Sex toys update as new trends hit the market and as technology improves. Secret Corner likes to keep up to date with what is hot and what has changed.

Here is a compilation of the 15 Best Sex Toys in 2020 available in the South African market! In our opinion, anyway.  If you feel we have missed your favourite toy out, or you want to give your personal review of your favourite sex toy for 2020,  that didn’t make our list for 2020, then drop a comment below. We would love to hear your opinions.

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