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What Vibrator Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing the best vibrator for you, there are some things you need to decide on first. Like, are looking to stimulate your Clitoris, or g-spot? Or are you wanting to stimulate both at the same time? Are you wanting your partner to have full control? Have a read below on the different Vibes to choose from, and decide which one would best suite you.

Clitoral Vibrator

A Clitoral Vibrator is generally smaller than other vibes, as it is intended to be used on a small area – your clitoras. 
The ‘Pocket Rocket’ is used to stimulate
male sex toys image

All About Male Sex Toys

This blog aims to teach you All About Male Sex Toys – the different types of toys that exist for men and what they are called.

What Are The Different Types of Mens Sex Toys?

The different types of Male Sex Toys include Male Masturbators also called pocket pussies, Cock Rings, Penis Sleeves & penis extension sleeves, Prostate Massagers & anal toys, and Enlarging Creams, Pumps, Tablets and Extenders.

Male Masturbators & Strokers

A Male Masturbator, which is also known as a pocket pussy or cock sleeve is a sleeve that is usually textured, and designed to look and feel
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All About Cock Rings

What are Cock Rings?

A Cock Ring is a ring warn around the shaft of your penis, but can also be worn around your testicles. The purpose of wearing a cock ring is to restrict the blow flow making your penis larger, and harder for longer. You do also get vibrating cock rings, which will help stimulate your partner during sex.

Rabbit Cock Rings

A Rabbit Cock Ring is used to stimulate your partners clitoris, while keeping you harder for a longer period of time.


Vibrating Cock Rings

A Vibrating Cock Ring was designed to help you reach a whole
kegel benwa balls

Kegel Balls How To

A Brief History of Kegel Balls

Kegel Balls are quite arguably the oldest sex toy around. Hailing from Japan in 500AD, these magic little weighted balls provided pleasure during intercourse and well as being a part of Geisha training of the pelvic floor muscles – to maintain tightness and enhance pleasure.

Why Use Kegel Balls?

If you are reading this, let’s assume you know what Kegel balls are and you want to know how to use them. Before we get started, a quick run down on why the Kegel muscles are so important.

Your Kegel or Pelvic floor muscles are

Benwa Balls

Choosing your Kegel Balls

How to Choose the Perfect Kegel Balls

Choosing Kegel Balls is a very personal thing. To begin with,you need to decide on the type of Kegel ball you are looking for. There are several to choose from, each offering different levels of either, pleasure, lift and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. tightening and releasing the muscles in your pelvic floor. If you have never used Kegel or Ben Wa Balls, well now is the time to discover the benefits and pleasure of choosing one that is perfect for you. Find your Inner Goddess!

images 59 large

Single or Double Kegel Balls?

Some people
10 day sexy fun challenge secret corner

10 Day Sexy Fun Challenge

Welcome to 2019 – Here is your first challenge of the year – 10 days of sex.

Secret Corner always keep their promises – and we did tell you that we would challenge you in 2019. So, pack away your mobile phone, switch off the TV and head to the bedroom – or anywhere you choose. It is time add to your sexy play – and we have everything you need to reach maximum pleasure.

All bedrooms experience a bit of a drought from time to time; leaving us restless and wondering when the next rainstorm is going to hit.… Read more...

penis pump sex education image

What Is A Penis Pump

A penis pump is a vacuum constriction device used to increase penis size and maintain a harder erection. It is an external pump, designed in a cylindrical shape and used to create a suction to help draw blood to the shaft, making it swell and become hard.

Penis Pumps 101

Did you know that using a penis pump for 15 minutes a day will increase your penis size by up to 7cm!
This is one of the most used penis enlargers on the market. It is safe, efficient and can be used as part of pleasure play. Penis Pumps are
male masturbator sex toy

What Is A Male Masturbator

A Male Masturbator is a sex toy for men, that usually consist of a soft, pliable sleeve into which a man would insert his penis. A masturbator allows a man to have a more pleasurable masturbation session.

Fun Facts About Masturbation

There are surveys that states up to 80% of men world wide admit to masturbating regularly! So that means 8 out of 10 guys cop to “choking the chicken” regularly. There are some fantastic advantages to “cleaning your rifle” health wise and emotionally. So whether you “apply the handbrake” or “fire your fleshmusket” or “buff your banana” or “yank

know your sex status secret corner

Know Your Status

Yes. It is that time of the year again, when we get excited as we head onto Christmas and the holiday weeks of fun and games; warm sunshine and happiness.

Stop and think about this. Did you know that in 2017 36.9 million globally have been affected by HIV? On the 1st of December marked the 30th anniversary of World Aids Day, The United Nations have been observing since 1988.

It’s time to know your status. Its time to take responsibility for our own sexual health and that of your partner or partners and certainly, your children.

‘Know …

penis pumps sex ed

Pros and cons of Penis Pumps

What are the Pros and cons of Penis Pumps?

I don’t think there is a guy in the world who does not wish that his penis had a little more girth and length. There are a lot of techniques, ranging from Jelquing (which incidentally, sounds like torture), to pumps, creams, pills and potions. So Secret Corner has taken time to investigate Penis Pumps for a start. With a range of penis pumps available store and on-line, we will give you the best advice on what is best and why.

The Penis Enlargement Pump

For those who don’t know, a Penis Enlarging Pump Read more...

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