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secret corner 2nd anniversary celebration 1

Our 2nd Anniversary – The Best Kept Secret

We have rolled over another year – Secret Corner is two years old – and we want to thank you all for your unbelievable support and belief in us. We are obviously doing something right. But we would not have gone this far without any of you!

We moved to our new shop – and amid the chaos – our regular customers popped in, some with an edge of curiosity, and others elated at the growth sprint that we had accomplished. And that was… months ago.

Each customer who has been a part of “The Secret Corner Experience” – whether … Read more...

magnificanet movember lets talk about prostates

Magnificent Movember – Lets Talk About Prostates

The month of Movember has once again arrived – and better the devil we know, than the devil we don’t know.

November is dedicated to prostate and testicular cancer – creating an awareness and ensuring that we pledge our efforts to enlighten our customers as to the ideals of dealing with, early detection and how to maintain a healthy prostate.

The risk of prostate cancer increases with age, that is not saying that it is a disease that only effects men over the age of 50 (or as commonly said, “old men”) Prostate cancer can be detected in men younger … Read more...

what is a dildo vs vibrator secret corner blog

What is the Difference Between Dildos and Vibrators?

The very basic answer is that vibrators use batteries (whether rechargeable or not) to vibrate and dildos just don’t. But lets explore this a little deeper.

We all know that for as long as humans have been having sex, they have also used sex toys. Penis shaped objects carved by hand have been discovered by archaeologists dating back up to 30 000 years. These toys were crafted from all manner of materials, including stone, wood, bone, clay and even Ivory. These days however, a lot more science goes into making a new sex toy and they still come in a

hot octopus male sex toy

The Hot Octopuss Solo 2 – Worlds First Guybrator

When thinking about male masturbators – the obvious comes to mind. A ‘pocket pussy” Or a torch-like cylinder looking capsule with a vagina, or anus, molded to your favourite porn star. Replicating the real feel as well as being visually appealing.

Not all male masturbators are designed imitating a vagina, anus or voluptuous mouth though. The Hot Octopuss Solo 2 Male Sex Toy is designed to give a unique sensation; nothing resembling actual sex – but giving mind blowing orgasms.

hot octopus sex toy for men

The Hot Octopuss is completely unique in that it has an oscillation gives the sensation you will not get anywhere … Read more...

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