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Vaginal and Nipple Pumps 101

What are Clitoral and Nipple Pumps?

Where would you find an excellent selection of vaginal, clitoral and nipple pumps in Durban?

Vaginal and nipple pumps have hit the market and are available at Secret Corner Adult Shop in Durban. This discreet and upmarket shop has a comprehensive selection of vaginal, clitoral and nipple pumps in stock.

Is there a difference between clitoris and pussy pumps?

A clit pump’s chamber fits snugly over the clitoris, engorging the clitoris with increased blood flow thus, creating more sensitivity. The swollen clitoris becomes more sensitive to the touch and intensifies sensations. The swollen clit … Read more...

womanizer sex toys review secret corner

What is the Womanizer?

What is the Womanizer Sex Toy?

I know what you are thinking ‘a man who engages in numerous casual sexual affairs with women’. No – the Womanzier I am going to be talking about is “The Best Sex Toy in The World”.

The advantages to owning one of this glorious stimulator is that it offers you touchless stimulation, Womanizer has created technology that gives your orgasms within seconds, or minutes, or hours – the choice is completely yours!

They also offer Multiple orgasms; this sex toy never actually touches your clitoris – thus allowing you to enjoy orgasm after orgasm.… Read more...

sexual myth busters is there an age limit to

Sexual Myth Busters – Is there an Age Limit to Sexuality?

Sexual Myth Busters

There is a mass influx of men who seem to have reached a plateau in their libido. We ask the relative questions, first and foremost – seemingly most are well under the age of 50, “are you working out and are you taking steroids?” – some answer with honesty while the rest seem to skirt around the edges of, life is stressful, high blood pressure.

Is our society so fractured that everyone needs a helping hand? Even for the most stress busting activity? Sex?

On the other hand, there are a fair amount of gorgeously hunky men … Read more...

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