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Femidyn – A Ladies Power Enhancer

Looking for Ladies Enhancers?

Have you been looking for a female libido booster? Want to take back your sexy power back? Feeling a little tired to enjoy sex? We have the answer. Femidyn.

Femidyn is a new and innovative product to stimulate both body and mind to increase emotions and senses.

The specially formulated tablets increase libido in women, increasing sexual sensitivity. Femidyn contains phytohormone ingredients elevating moods and sexual awareness.

Designed as a once a day all natural, gentle, safe and effective female libido enhancer, this formula is set to benefit women of all ages, restoring sexual desire … Read more...

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Lets Talk About Sex – Talk at Wild Coast Sun

Let’s Talk About Sex – Talk at Wild Coast Sun

It was such an honour to be given the opportunity to take Secret Corner to The Wild Coast Sun – and give a talk at the Women’s Day banquet, to discuss sexual health and sexual hygiene.

What appealed to me the most was the absolute interest that these women had as they sat and listened intently as we told them to own their sexuality.

We discussed the necessity to have an orgasm, that intimate play was vital in sexual health. With vibrators and kegel balls in hand, clitoris vibes, stimulants … Read more...

how to use a penis pump beginers 101

Using your Penis Pump

How do I use my Penis Pump?

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you imagine – at least 80% of men over the age of 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. There is not one specific reason for this, but numerous from stress to health issues and a number of reasons in between. A penis pump is a non- invasive treatment that has been proven to assist.

A penis pump is a relatively easy thing to use – let him become your friend, there are precautions that need to be taken. There is a slight risk when the penis pump is not … Read more...

how to use my hydromax penis pump

How do I use my Hydromax Penis Pump?

How do I use my Hydromax Penis Pump?

So firstly, the Bathmate Hydromax works by harnessing the natural power of water. This is what helps you achieve your desired results. So, grab your pump and go for a shower or bath.
*We do also sell the Shower Strap accessory, making it a hands-free experience while you shower.

1. The latch value which is situated on the top of the penis pump has three possible position – top, middle and bottom. When the latch valve is position on either the top of bottom positions the valve is closed; the central position … Read more...

organic sex 1

Organic lubes for Better Sex

Organic Personal Lubricants – For Better Sex

We have done our research and practice the tantric on sex and organic products. We have reached a new level of organic pleasure! And we are going to get onto it and bring it to you.

We are introducing plants to genitals. The common use of organic and certified coconut and other carrier oils, synergised with extracts of aphrodisiacs, Kapow! An all-natural “pre-lube” is acquired.

We investigate the use of organic pre-lubes and what they consist of and why it has women screaming for more. A pre-lube is designed to reduce sexual discomfort … Read more...

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