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P is for Pegging

P is for Pegging

What is Pegging?

Pegging, as it is commonly known as, the new dimension of couples play. Men have become more giving to the idea of women taking charge of his bottom with a strap on and commanding he bend and part for a little anal play!

Fact – There is a 300% increase in the number for heterosexual couples using strap on dildos and with men being more open to the idea of female to male anal fun. With 100% increase in sales on strap on and harnesses, this has taken a leap into the front row of dildo and … Read more...

what you need to know about sex love swings secret corner

What you want to know about Love Swings

More on Sex Swings

Swinging from the chandeliers?  Who doesn’t want to take their sex play to higher levels? And, we literally mean “higher levels”.

Sex swings and harnesses have become a popular asset to the bedside drawer, taking your intimate play to a completely different level. We have entered the idea of, “sub space” –  and rigging, higher levels of bondage creating a euphoria between rigger and model. This requires technique and skill, that I might add, is not acquired overnight. So, let’s set that aside for now and explore other options.

what you need to know about sex swings - secret corner

The not so complex sex swing has …

beginners guide to anal play secret corner blog

A Beginners Guide to Anal Play

The Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

Lets face it – Anal Play is a Hot topic. Whether its something that excites you or not, its a topic most couples and even singles are intrigued by at some point. So if you are wanting to become a little more eccentric in your sex play and have thought about a bit of anal – then Read on.

beginners anal sex guide - secret corner blog

The taboo of anal play is slowly being removed and butt pleasure is becoming something more frequently tried and discussed. The truth is, Anal Play can be extremely enjoyable (for both men and women!) and

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