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what do cock rings do secret corner

Taking Cock Rings out of the Bag

What do Cock Rings do?

Prolonging ejaculation is high on the male sex agenda. Some request tablets, others delay spray, but most have discovered the pleasures of wearing and experimenting with a cock ring!

The cock ring is worn around the penis, usually at the base of the penis. The objective of wearing a cock ring is usually to assist  in maintaining an erection for a longer periods; therefore, prolonging ejaculation. These interesting devises are used to restrict the blood flow out of the penis, creating a sensation of tightness which is apparently pleasurable.

what do you use a cock ring for - secret corner

But there are other reasons men adorn cock … Read more...

rude food libido boosting foods secret corner blog

Rude Food – Natural Libido Boosters

Food! The greatest aphrodisiac of all time. Seriously, think about it. Juice running down your chin, licking your fingers and savouring it all. Nothing quite beats the ravishing taste of someting divine.


In ancient Greek mythology, fruit, specifically pomegranates, apples and quinces were often used for erotic purposes. 

Besides these fruits have been given to ancient Greek brides-to-be, supposedly strengthening the bond to their husbands.

Its little wonder the word APHRODISIAC comes from the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sex herself, Aphrodite.

A Little Food For Thought!

Specific foods can enhance your sex drive. They contain properties that

summer sex tips secret corner

Summer Sex Tips

Sex Tips For Summer

Secret Corner takes you on a stroll through the summer vibes and gives you the gossip on what’s scorching and what’s, not.

summer sex tips - secret corner

Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known holiday or Christmas tradition. This little plant has a history and is symbolic as an herb that in fact dates back thousands of years. Between the Greeks, Romans and Celtic Druids, they all gave us reason to kiss under the mistletoe. Regardless of how you look at it, avoid it at the office party or family shindig, its holiday tradition and mistletoe should be put on every … Read more...

clit power clitoral stimulators vibrators secret corner

Clit Power and Clitoral Stimulators

Get to know your Clitoris

Get to know your clitoris. This wonderful little pearl is your pleasure dome.  With about 8000 intricate little nerves she is designed for your sexual pleasure.

Tucked away between the folds of the labia, hiding her delicacy, she emerges at the slightest touch – But, when you or you discover that she is there to serve and be served; she becomes the “holy grail” of orgasms.

clit power and clit stimulation - adult blog - secret corner

Women respond to clitoral stimulation outside of the clitoral hood, however the clitoris itself is a sensitive little button that can become uncomfortable if stimulated directly. So, … Read more...

christmas secret corner red hot wild cherry

Christmas Shopping – Red Hot and Wild Cherry

December Shopping at Secret Corner

December is about Christmas – and there are only a few days of shopping to go –  Days are hot and the nights are balmy. Hot balmy weather just screams sexy sex, sweat, sea and sand!

Regardless of how you spend your summer holiday, there is always time for indulgent sex play.  Make the time to discover the little aspects of yourself and your partner. Board and card games to keep you out of the hot sun, and indulgent massages to soothe sun kissed skin.


Secret Corner certainly have thought of everything. With deliciously exciting and interesting … Read more...

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