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what to do in amanzimtoti adult guide secret corner

What to do in Durban and Amanzimtoti – An Adult Guide

What to do in Durban and Amanzimtoti – An Adult Guide

The sizzling summer holiday season is on our doorstep and we are getting ready for a kick ass month of relaxing, getting naked and hitting the right spots.

We have put together I little guide of all the naughty but nice things to do in and around Amanzimtoti this December season. We have you covered. The Sapphire Coast prides itself in having a little something for everyone. With beaches and restaurants that serve delicious foods, offer sublime views and orgasmic cocktails are on the menu. Nothing smacks quite … Read more...

how to fit a cock ring secret corner

How to Size a Cock Ring

How to Size a Cock Ring

So you want to buy a Cock Ring but have never tried one and you are trying to figure out your size, well you are in the right place buddy!  First things first though, what is the most basic function of a cock ring, you ask?  Broken down to the basics, it is a physical restraint that slows down blood flow OUT of the penis , thus keeping you harder for longer. Therefore, it is important to get your sizing right, too loose and you won’t get the desired effect, too tight and you … Read more...

cunning cunnilingus secret corner sex blog

Cunning Cunnilingus

Cunning Cunnilingus

When looking at the word Cunnilingus, it has various interpretations and is summarised in many ways – I quote Urban Dictionary.

“The best thing in the world”

“An art of using your mouth to give sexual satisfaction to a woman’s vagina…”

I happen to love this definition, “A linguistic device, so cunning that all females are reduced to moans and squeals during its application…”

But, however you say it, it always construes to the same meaning. Pure pleasure

Like all sexual pleasure, cunnilingus should be mastered. The vagina is a magical little place of hidden secrets and … Read more...

personalised pleasure secret corner intimate shopping

Personalised Pleasure

Personalised Pleasure

Personalised pleasure has taken a quantum leap forward. We have become spoiled by the choices available.

Stepping into an adult shop has become more of an adventure than something hidden and secretly talked about. On-line shopping is also something that is gladly used. But this is across the board and not just for enhancing your personalised pleasure.

Strolling into an adult shop has become an experience. Tasteful and aesthetically pleasing. Shoppers are now at ease to linger looking at the items on display. Losing that sense of inhibition that tends to be carried into an adult shop.

Brand …

love your butt love anal play blog secret corner

Love Your Butt – Love Anal Play

Love Your Butt – Love Anal Play

Taking the myth out of anal sex – unravelling the benefits of this taboo subject. It’s important to talk about all kinds of sex.

Voted the number 1 taboo in sexual behaviour that most heterosexual couples want to try. But the natural curiosity about our bodies makes us want to discover the holy grail of anal sex.

Yes, it’s going to hurt initially, but that’s why we keep a range of luxury lubricants handy to ease you gently into the experience. We suggest Pjur Back Door Lube or H2O Anal Warming Lube to … Read more...

water based vs silcone lubricants secret corner blog

Difference between Water and Silicone Lubes

What is the difference between Water and Silicone Lubes

We live fast paced stressful lives and sometimes that translates into the bedroom (or kitchen or lounge or shower… you get the idea). One of the most common reasons for “not so great” sex is caused by vaginal dryness and in the bedroom as in life, the less friction you have, the better! This is where a sexy lube comes in to save the day.

There are two main types of Personal Lubes: Water based and Silicone based. We often get asked what the difference is between the two, so … Read more...

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